Devil in Her Dreams

      Devil in Her Dreams
Devil in Her Dreams, a novella, first appeared in anthology, A Season to Remember It later appeared in a compilation, Scots, Spies Salacious Lies Devlin Barrett was never meant to be Viscount Marston, but when his older brother and father die within a day of each other, Devlin not only inherits the title, but three younger sisters, all of marriageable age, and must retire from his former profession He is unprepared for the responsibility thrust upon his shoulders and determines the best way to care for his sisters, and see that they are happy is to marry them off quickly as possible He knows what is better for them, even if they don t agree And until they are settled, his life, and future, is on hold Unfortunately, the lady he wishes to make his wife, refuses to wait until he is free Louisa Whitton needs to find a husband of her own choosing before Christmas, and is left with only three months to accomplish her goal She failed to land one during the Season and the little season is her last hope While visiting her sister in the country before returning to London she meets the perfect gentleman, thus foiling the plans her grandfather has of her wedding a man of his choice, and probably a vicar like her father However, Marston refuses to even think about courting her until his sisters are wed and has the audacity to ask her to wait Louisa knows her grandfather will never agree to a long courtship and sets out to find the perfect substitute for Marston during the first week of the little season. Read Devil in Her Dreams By Jane Charles –

Jane Charles has lived in the Midwest her entire life In fact, she lived in the same house until the day she married As a child she wouldlikely be found outside with a baseball than a book in her hand In fact, Jane hated reading until she was sixteen Out of boredom on a long road trip she borrowed her older sister s historical romance and fell in love with reading She long ago lost count of how many fiction novels she has read over the years but her love for them never died Along with romance she has a passion for history and the two soon combined when she penned her first historical romance What turned into a hobby became a passion, which has been fully supported by her husband, three children and three cats When not writing, Jane loves to work in her garden Besides trying to find the prefect balance so that something is in bloom from the first day of spring to the first hard freeze, she tends her herb and veggie gardens and loves cooking with fresh produce and experimenting with herbs Someday she hopes to build her dream kitchen so she can cook some of her favorite meals without running out of counter space.

      Devil in Her Dreams
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  • Kindle Edition
  • 89 pages
  • Devil in Her Dreams
  • Jane Charles
  • English
  • 23 July 2018

10 thoughts on “ Devil in Her Dreams

  1. Frances says:

    EnjoyableA short fun loving read I do enjoy this author can t wait to readfrom her This is a fun loving read I m enjoying the series

  2. Janet says:

    Devlin Bartlett, Lord Marston and Louisa Whitton, sister to Elizabeth Trent are immediately attracted to one another and have the opportunity to get to know each other while staying with the Trents.Everyone thinks Louisa is meek mild will make the perfect Vicar s wife but she s anything but loves to eavesdrop.Marston cannot co...

  3. Patricia Wissore says:

    I loved the idea of Louisa knowing about her sister and brother in law being spies and playing along to not let them know she was aware It exposed her quirky humor in setting them up and watching them...

  4. Jessica says:

    I wantFantastic read I had a feeling though that there wasto the story and that storyline was cut short.

  5. Elaine says:

    Brilliant Loved it.

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