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Fun Home A Family Tragicomic[PDF / Epub] ☄ Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Author Alison Bechdel – In this graphic memoir Alison Bechdel charts her fraught relationship with her late fatherDistant and exacting Bruce Bechdel was an English teacher and director of the town funeral home which Alison a In this graphic memoir Alison Bechdel charts her A Family PDF/EPUB » fraught relationship with her late fatherDistant and exacting Bruce Bechdel was an English teacher and director of the town funeral home which Alison and her family referred to as the Fun Home It was not until college that Alison who had recently come out as a lesbian discovered that her father was also gay A few weeks after this revelation he was dead leaving a legacy of mystery for his daughter to Fun Home eBook Ï resolve.

Alison Bechdel is an American cartoonist Originally best A Family PDF/EPUB » known for the long running comic strip Dykes To Watch Out For in she became a best selling and critically acclaimed author with her graphic memoir Fun Home.

Fun Home A Family Tragicomic eBook ☆ Fun Home  eBook
  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Fun Home A Family Tragicomic
  • Alison Bechdel
  • English
  • 14 February 2016
  • 9780618871711

10 thoughts on “Fun Home A Family Tragicomic

  1. Paul Bryant says:

    THIS JUST IN P BRYANT FAILS HIP GRAPHIC NOVEL TESTFun Home a cripplingly hip graphic novel isYes?It'sYES??Well let's see it's you know all right good yes nods head hummphs into beard pulls earlobe raises eyebrows waves hands in a vague direction shifts about in seat You know Don't get me wrong It was good Yes Cool clever really hip I mean really as far as I can tell my hipometer needs a new battery I think; it was not the least bit funny but that's not such a bad thing andStares at ceilingHas sudden thoughtHey you don't think Alison Bechdel will read this do you she's not one of those Goodreads authors who suddenly jump up like a damned jack in a box and scare the jesus out of you and tell you they devoted five years of hard graft to this work you've just or less sneered at and damned with the faintest possible praise I really hope not that's not happened to me yet but I know it's happened to a few of you and it's not pretty some of you were mildly traumatised I saw it with my own eyes you had to be led away to a uiet good place with a small cat to strokeSo Fun Room It was all sweetly sad and worthy painfully so all about Alison's father who was this closet gay or bi living the whole of his life in a small Pennsylvanian town So his temperament ran towards the dour and repressed and the sublimating everything into his house restoration and then lo shazam Alison figures this out and also double shazam that she herself is gay and then they become a lot closer and then stuff happens but not that much stuff I wanted stuff I'm unreasonableI read books for stuff you know

  2. Meg Powers says:

    Reading Fun Home A Family Tragicomic put me in the same irritated and impatient mood experienced when reading Toni Morrison's The Song of Solomon in high school both books feel like major wank offs to the writers' cumulative reading endeavors To put it in less crude terms both books overflow with self conscious references to classic literature both use The Odyssey in a major way However this is not a review of The Song of Solomon so I suppose I will set aside that grudge for nowThis is how I feel any person no matter how mediocre hisher life might be perceived can be made into a great story The key to this is good writing and although Bechdel's writing is ORNAMENTAL it's not engaging She doesn't make me care about her and I care only a little bit about her dad whom the book focuses on The constant literary references Joyce Camus Proust Wilde etc do not impress me and they do not enrich the story she is telling Bechdel continuously draws parallels to anything and everything literary Comparing the map in The Wind in the Willows to a map of her local terrain is one thing comparing her first act of performing cunnilingus to entering Homer's cave of Polyphemus made me groan out loud Bechdel also uses dictionary definitions as an ongoing motif a cliche that ALWAYS annoys me 'orgasm or gaz um ' what is an orgasm? what does it mean in the context of my own life? Let's examine this word and blah blah blah blah bitchy paraphrasing I will say I have never been a fan of Dykes to Watch Out For or Alison Bechdel's drawing style in general and my enjoyment of a comic as is typical is largely derived from the visual component so it is unfair to complain about that here;it's a matter of taste However if the facial expressions were rendered differently and if Bechdel shook out the masturbatory references and word definitions she might have sold me But no

  3. Emily says:

    Having never felt much inclination toward the graphic novel genre I accepted a copy of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel on loan only because a coworker promised that I could finish it in one hour and forty minutes almost precisely the amount of time it would take to travel from the office to my home in Connecticut where I had plans to spend the weekendOne hour and fifty five minutes later when my mom pulled in her mini van I was close to the end but not there yet I'm a slow reader But Fun Home is also a book that demands patient meticulous study I examined every illustration looking for the visual details that Alison a cartoonist has tucked in here and there Hidden like easter eggs there are amusing details meant to be discovered on particularly grim pages Alison can also make the most simplistic details Road Runner on the TV; period cars; recurring appearances of the Sun Beam Bread logo realistic melancholy and heartrending all at onceAnd the story itself the misery and the humor of the characters the events and the time period must be thoughtfully digested The book is divided into seven chapters each based on a different theme in the author's childhood and young adult life Each one on its own could be a personal essay about overcoming an unusual hardship but the episodes are tied together by recurring moments the scene in which Alison learns her father's deepest darkest secret over the phone; the stack of literature on homosexuality that grows and grows on her nightstand in college; her father writing letters to her mother from his bunk during the war and references to classic literature that are carefully artfully implemented and never dauntingAs a memoir Fun Home is beautifully arranged and as honest and unapologetic as they come Alison writes and draws as if she is still putting together the pieces as she does so and closes the book with the impression that the story is not over Which of course it is not since the author her two brothers and their mother all survive the father they never had and then lost Fun Home illustrates the fact that we never truly escape the legacies of our parents and never completely outgrow our childhood experiences Alison wrote a note in the Advance Readers Edition which I read in which she notes the actual documentary truth as recorded in diaries letters clippings and photographs from her childhood was almost always richer and surprising than the way she had remembered a particular event In Fun Home Alison does not just explore the far reaches of her memory She revisits it as if seeing it all happen again literally graphically for the first time

  4. Patrick says:

    I've known about Bechdel for some time but I've never gotten around to reading any of her work Odds are you know about her too even if you're not aware of it She's the one that invented the appropriately named Bechdel Test for moviesIf you don't know about the test it bears talking about It's almost like a checklist 1 Does the movie have two female characters in it? 2 Do the two female characters have at least one conversation? 3 Does at least one of their conversations concentrate on something other than a man? If the answer to any of these is no you fail the test To me the truly interesting thing about this test isn't how many movies utterly fail it It's that when you're first exposed to the test you're forced to confront how fucked up the gender bias in almost all media is Anyway I picked up the comic because I was curious what her writing was like And because it's odd to see a graphic novel that's won so much literary attention This book has a ton of awards and accolades Did I like it? Yes It's cleverly written Very earnest and heartfelt It's fascinating Did I lurve it? No I admire the craft in the book It was emotionally engaging without being maudlin It was artfully constructed It shared an experience with me that I never would have gained anywhere else I'd happily recommend it to a lot of my friends But for me that's where it stops Enjoyment and admiration of the craft This book is a wonderful example of Great books that are not perfectly targeted for me Now don't get me wrong It was fascinating Books I whole heartedly enjoy and admire are still in the top 5% But what really rings the bell that hangs in your heart is mostly a matter of flavor and this one wasn't uite suited to me Is it worth your time? Yes That said you're likely to enjoy it if you're a recovering English major Or if you're a fan of ueer culture autobiographical fiction or non superhero graphic novels

  5. Fabian says:

    Works doubly as one hugely terrific autobiography a megaengaging graphic novel In FUN HOME there is a tremendous longing to merge both of these Arts The intent is always to make print as compelling as the pictorials they are made to convey Astute cheeky enthralling it brings together disparate themes like 'Wind in the Willows The Importance of Being Earnest and Catcher in the Rye as well as A Chorus Line Joyce's Ulysses pretty much a choose your own literature type adventure that possibly every single reader of this flawless book could relate toTen dollars to you if the last pageframe of this doesn't make you BOLPS We are watching the musical this January Oh blessed New YearBawl Out LoudTOP 100

  6. Larry H says:

    Family dysfunction bow down to the Bechdel familyAlison Bechdel's father Bruce was an enigma to her while she was growing up—an English teacher and director of the family owned funeral home aka the Fun Home who had an exacting eye for fashion decor and gardening He wasn't a bad father but he always seemed to keep her and her brothers at arm's length not to mention her motherWhile Alison remembered some special tender times she remembered moments of being forced to wear an outfit she didn't want scolded into meeting his tough cleaning standards and feeling bewildered at his obsession with making sure all of the flowers around their house always looked perfectWhen Alison was in college she came out to her parents as a lesbian Shortly thereafter she found out that her father was gay While perhaps not entirely surprising if she added up all of the signs and clues she might have noted subconsciously the discovery still throws her for a loop And while they had one half conversation about this a few weeks after his revelation her father died leaving a legacy of mystery and confusion in his wakePerhaps my eagerness to claim him as 'gay' in the way I am 'gay' as opposed to bisexual or some other category is just a way of keeping him to myself—a sort of inverted oedipal complex Fun Home is both a daughter's efforts to make sense of her father's life and death as it is an account of growing up uncomfortable in your own skin of knowing you are different but being afraid of acknowledging it for fear everything might change even though it should It's a story of coming to terms with who you are while remembering a man who really never had that luxuryI'm really late to the party in reading this and while I've heard some of the music from the musical version of Fun Home I never saw the show either I've never read a graphic novelmemoir before although I read lots of Archie Betty and Veronica comics growing up and was addicted to the Silver Surfer and this was both a refreshing and challenging format for meThis book practically pulsates with emotion anger and confusion as well as the uncertainty that comes with self discovery When it dealt with Alison's own life or her father's struggles to find himself the book is strongest but it spends a lot of time holding up their story against a backdrop of classic literature which her father so loved and after a while I didn't enjoy those portions as much However as someone who wishes his father was still alive so we could have conversations about life there never seemed to be time for then I found Fun Home beautifully movingIf you mostly read books via Kindle or another e reader do yourself a favor and borrow or buy the printed version of this one I was so glad I made the investment to enjoy the power of how Bechdel's illustrations told as much of the story as her words While this wasn't perhaps as good as I had expected it to be it still is powerful and I'll remember it for some time to comeSee all of my reviews at

  7. Elyse Walters says:

    Many Thanks to Margaret who recommended this book to meWOWI knew NOTHING about this book TERRIFIC SPECTACULAR until it was in my hands todayother than it was a highly recognized graphic memoir chosen best book of the year by at least 10 major publications in 200680 4333 people rated this book so where was I? Hidden away with blindfolds and earplugs? There's a lot going on in this 'memoir' so much so there could be several individual books written on any 'one' theme For 18 years Allison grew up in a house of daily renovation If anybody has lived through having their bathroom or kitchen remodeled you know personally what the disruption feels like Can you imagine your entire childhood around hammers and nails strips of loose molding? Remodeling is very stressful I would think that many years of focus of renovation would drive every family member into a corner That much daily physical chaos creates disconnected communications I could understand that when Allison was little her house the walls the wallpaper the furniture the curtains all felt like another child in the house She on the other hand often felt like the furniture Allison offers elegant prose pleasure intelligence and compassion through literary referencesreflecting on classics read that both she and her dad enjoyed shared loved for booksThey she and her dad never did come 'out' to each other Both are gay To get the 'full' story READ THIS GRAPHIC AUTOBIOGRAPHY Suggestion If you have not read this book know 'nothing' about ithaving not read 'any' reviews no blurbs 'nothing' have been living under a rock like I have if you are willing to 'trust' go in blind DON'T read anything about this book until you have finished the last page I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED reading it this way It's Sooooooo worth readingAnother TOP TOP TOP graphic memoir A few great uotes inspired by Ulysses by James Joyce

  8. Nat says:

    This graphic memoir has been on my to read list for what feels like ages so I felt entirely satisfied when I completed reading itIn this graphic memoir Alison Bechdel charts her fraught relationship with her late fatherDistant and exacting Bruce Bechdel was an English teacher and director of the town funeral home which Alison and her family referred to as the Fun Home It was not until college that Alison who had recently come out as a lesbian discovered that her father was also gay A few weeks after this revelation he was dead leaving a legacy of mystery for his daughter to resolveIn the end I was compelled to pick up Fun Home completely on a whim Though I flew through it a lot of the literary references went shamefully over my head And considering that it was such a big focus here I was left out of the loop a lot which ended up lowering my enjoyment while readingAlso I was made entirely uncomfortable with her father and his violent tendencies towards his family his preying on young boys and his overall behavior towards the naïveI did like how something that Alison Bechdel mentioned in the first half would then get completed in the second half And I learned uite a lot about funerals which I was not expecting going into this Also Bechdel taking the time to discuss her OCD was crucial and enlighteningOn that note here are some other parts I enjoyed When their grandma told the tale of how Bruce Bechdel got stuck in the mud I was just as compelled as the kids I wanted to know I LOVE hearing about dreams Ever since I read the above exchange it's been on my mind constantly I'm curious to see what her next graphic novel Are You My Mother? entails Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying Fun Home just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko ficombookspoils

  9. Samadrita says:

    355 Fun Home's biggest flaw is its self conscious droll narrative voice that diminishes its raw earnestness at times Alison Bechdel imposes her obsessive compulsive desire for extracting meaning from even the most commonplace of occurrences on to a narrative of coming to terms with personal loss And this whole exercize of drawing parallels between fictional and real life tragedies and pivotal emotional beats becomes too trite all too soon Maybe she should have known when to put the kibosh on this thingBut it's okay Since I understand wherefrom this monomaniacal urge originates It's hard to make sense of a father's death especially at an age when you were only just learning how to peel off layers of pretensions obfuscating the unadulterated reality that lay at the core of his personhood It's not so much a crushing sadness that hits you but an overwhelming disbelief and a sense of 'it's not fair' which becomes so large and potent a force that it pushes out all concomitant emotions of bereavement from your mind leaving a kind of vacuum Before my to psychobabble gets the better of my good sense let me come clean about my personal reasons for rating this work as high as 35 stars Greater than the sum of my annoyance at Bechdel's rather shabby artwork at times I couldn't tell the difference between Bruce Bechdel and Alison's brothers and her tendency to forge correlations between Proust Joyce Fitzgerald Colette Henry James Wilde's fictional characters and snippets of memorable moments from her dysfunctional childhood spent in a rural Pennsylvania homestead was my genuine appreciation for this heartfelt tribute to such a delightfully ambiguous father Having lost a father at 14 I know how it feels trying to grasp at straws trying to analyze one seemingly inconseuential incident or subjecting one precious shared moment to intense and concentrated scrutiny from all possible angles Stray notes tucked in between the last page and the backcover of a magazine recovered years later journals hand written letters favorite paperbacks the only bit of literary criticism he published heaps of carefully organized notes that he prepared for his classes tapes containing his voice recordings cooing at your tiny baby form and anecdotes recounted by the ones who knew him better and longer than you did become coded roadsigns to some secret location promising complete de mystification But you know it's just delusional thinking anyway You will never know him the way you could haveUnlike Bruce Bechdel who grappled with the stark contradiction between his public reality and private urges all his life my father didn't particularly have any skeletons in his closet And even if he did I have no way of unraveling that mystery now But what I do have in common with Bechdel's perspective on her father is this perplexity subliminal resentment and an amused incredulity about his life and his deeds How can he be just a person existing in the past tense now? At least she must have achieved some kind of closure through the creation of this part graphic memoir part literary essay on remembering a loved one I certainly hope she didMy rating and review are thus reprehensibly subjective Do not expect from a reviewer who has massive daddy issues and will continue to deal with them till the day she breathes her last I solemnly confess to being moved by the parts focusing on her family rather than the Künstlerroman ish bits about her 'coming out' in college and identifying as a butch woman But what stopped me from rating this any higher is the painfully overwrought sentence construction Bechdel employs which aside from being cringe worthy at times creates an unwanted dissonance between the import of an emotional moment and its actual graphical representation and execution I would see my father one time after this But we would never discuss our shared predilection again I'm sorry Ms Bechdel but if this is your attempt at cracking a joke on the likelihood of your gay self having a conversation with your gay dad about well being gay it's kind of pathetic

  10. David Schaafsma says:

    I just re read Fun Home A Family Tragicomic for my class on YA Graphic Novels with strong girl characters A celebrated memoir made into a Tony award winning musical One of the best comics projects of all time Meticulously wrought with attention to every single detail in every single panel this memoir reveals itself fairly early on as a dual coming out story of Bechdel and her father To say when these events take place would be the spoiler in this story than the fact of those admissions To say that it is an accomplished work of art and memorable story is not to say that any of the members of Bechdel's family are warm and inviting; to the contrary the often blisteringly candid tone with which she tells her story reveals that none of the Bechdels are easy to get along with well her brothers are very peripheral to this story which leads me to suspect they were not all that interested in being talked about in their sister's story including BechdelBechdel known also for the Bechdel test an inuiry into how long a bookfilm can go without women talking about men was first famous for her serialized and now lovingly collected Dykes to Watch Out For comic strips which I read as a straight teenager in alternative rags as I grew up in conservative Grand Rapids Michigan my introduction to one warm and political and funny glbt world Fun Home focuses on Bechdel's relationship with her father; she has since produced a very different book about her mother Are You My Mother? which is also remarkable insightful accomplishedFun Home is also very literary as Alison and her Dad shared books with each other so the literary references keep on coming which as an English teacher type I loved The title comes from the fact that Bechdel's high school English father also worked part time in the funeral parlor he inherited from his own father a funeral parlor they also lived in making ironic the idea of a fun home though it is also clear any home with this family would have been something less than fun But honesty begets admiration not cuddles as with Spiegelman's Maus and other comics It's not about making nice; it's about making truth and making it beautifully and clearly Amazing classicBechdel test interview with Bechel images so you can see how meticulous Bechdel is with the art but she is as meticulous with the telling

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