CageTalk: Dialogues with and about John Cage (Eastman Studies in Music)

      CageTalk: Dialogues with and about John Cage (Eastman Studies in Music)
John Cage was one of America s most renowned composers from the 1940s until his death in 1992 But he was also a much admired writer and artist, and a uniquely attractive personality able to present his ideas engagingly wherever he went As an interview subject he was a consummate professional The main source of CageTalk Dialogues with and about John Cage is a panoply of vivid and compulsively readable interviews given to Peter Dickinson in the late 1980s for a BBC Radio 3 documentary The original BBC program lasted an hour but the full discussions with Cage and many of the main figures connected with him have remained unpublished until now CageTalk also includes earlier BBC interviews with Cage, including ones by the renowned literary critic Frank Kermode and art critic David Sylvester And the editor Peter Dickinson contributes little known source material about Cage s Musicircus and Roaratorio as well as a substantial introduction exploring the multiple roles that Cage s varied and challenging output played during much of the twentieth century and continues to play in the early twenty first Apart from the long interview with Cage himself, there are discussions with Bonnie Bird, Earle Brown, Merce Cunningham, Minna Lederman, Otto Luening, Jackson Mac Low, Peadar Mercier, Pauline Oliveros, John Rockwell, Kurt Schwertsik, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Virgil Thomson, David Tudor, La Monte Young, and Paul Zukovsky Most of the interviews were given to Peter Dickinson but there are others involving Rebecca Boyle, Anthony Cheevers, Michael Oliver, and Roger Smalley Peter Dickinson, British composer and pianist, is emeritus professor, University of Keele and University of London, and has written or edited several books about twentieth century music, including Copland Connotations Boydell Press, 2002 and The Music of Lennox Berkeley Boydell Press, 2003. Free Read CageTalk: Dialogues with and about John Cage (Eastman Studies in Music) by Peter Dickinson For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Peter Dickinson is the British composer, writer and pianist His music has been written for some of the leading international performers and is well represented on CD There are four CDs on Albany Piano Concerto Outcry Organ Concerto Songcycles Rags, Blues Parodies and Pianos, Voices and Brass And two CDs came out on Naxos in 2009 Complete Solo Organ Works and Mass of the Apocalypse Larkin s Jazz Five Forgeries etc.His 75th birthday in 2009 was marked by performances including the Blue Rose Variations for organ in the BBC Proms, played by David Titterington Tiananmen 1989 for double choir and tubular bells, sung by Commotio under Matthew Berry in Oxford the American Trio played by the Zalas Trio at the Wig Hall Jennifer Bate played several organ pieces at the Fourth Annual Festival of New Organ Music and she has recorded his complete solo organ works.As a performer he had a long career with his sister, the mezzo Meriel Dickinson Apart from their advocacy of American and British repertoire, they pioneered programmes based on composers such as Erik Satie, Lord Berners and Charles Ives in festivals here and abroad and in broadcasts and recordings.Dickinson s books include The Music of Lennox Berkeley Marigold the Music of Billy Mayerl Copland Connotations Studies and Interviews CageTalk Dialogues with and about John Cage Lord Berners Composer, Writer, Painter Samuel Barber Remembered a Centenary Tribute and Lennox Berkeley and Friends Writings, Letters and Interviews autumn 2012 Dickinson is an Emeritus Professor of the University of Keele, where he set up the Music Department and its Centre for American Music in 1974, and of the University of London, where he was Professor at Goldsmiths College from 1991 97 He was Head of Music at the Institute of United States Studies, University of London, until 2004.Dickinson is chair of the Bernarr Rainbow Trust, a charity set up in 1997 for the benefit of music education He has edited and contributed to three major books of Rainbow s Music in Educational Thought and Practice 2006 Four Centuries of Music Teaching Manuals 1518 1932 2009 and Bernarr Rainbow on Music Memoirs and Selected Writings 2010.

      CageTalk: Dialogues with and about John Cage (Eastman Studies in Music)
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