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Five Dark Fates[PDF / Epub] ✅ Five Dark Fates By Kendare Blake – After the grim confrontation with ueen Katharine the rebellion lies in tatters Jules’s legion curse has been unbound and it is up to Arsinoe to find a cure even as the responsibility of stopping the After the grim confrontation with ueen Katharine the rebellion lies in tatters Jules’s legion curse has been unbound and it is up to Arsinoe to find a cure even as the responsibility of stopping the ravaging mist lies heavy on her shoulders and her shoulders alone Mirabella has disappearedKatharine’s reign remains intact—for now When Mirabella arrives seemingly under a banner of Five Dark Kindle - truce Katharine begins to yearn for the closeness that Mirabella and Arsinoe share But as the two circle each other the dead ueens hiss caution—Mirabella is not to be trustedIn this conclusion to the Three Dark Crowns series three sisters will rise to fight as the secrets of Fennbirn’s history are laid bare Allegiances will shift Bonds will be tested But the fate of the island lies in the hands of its ueens It always has.

So I write books The Anna Dressed in Blood duo is horror The Goddess War trilogy is mythology and Three Dark Crowns is fantasy because the world don't move to the beat of just one drum What might be right for you may not be right for some Love to read too Fiction philosophy good books bad books because you take Five Dark Kindle - the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have a stack o.

Five Dark Fates PDF/EPUB ´ Five Dark  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 452 pages
  • Five Dark Fates
  • Kendare Blake
  • English
  • 09 July 2016
  • 9780062686176

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  1. Cesar says:

    2 starsSince Five Dark Fates was announced a year ago a lot of people including myself were anticipating the finale while wanting to know who will be the one true ueenWith the book finally released does Five Dark Fates give us a great finale or does it suffer from being a dull finale?Sadly for me it's the latter Five Dark Fates sets up the story and characters to conclude the ongoing threat against Katherine the rebels and the Mist surrounding Fennbrin Major obstacles are in the way of our ueens and each one has a responsibility to uell said obstacles But with a myriad of characters a plot that seems to drag on and slow pacing Five Dark Fates does not make an excellent finale I was not disappointed as there were parts I did like but there were parts I did not like I would say that I thought it was an OK finaleWhere I think this series excels at is the world building and lore Since the first book I have been in love with the world of Three Dark Crowns An island surrounded by mist inhabited by people with magic powers and with its religion and myth the island of Fennbirn is a world I could get lost in for days Especially in the novella about the Oracle ueen titled The Oracle ueen where we get to know what happened all those years ago adds to the world With the talk of powers and the Goddess they workship the island of Fennbirn is a uniue world It may be outshined by other fantasy settings but it's a world I still enjoy nonethelessBut while the world building is something I like the characters and pacing are what holds the series back The pacing has always been an issue with the series as I've seen lots of people complain about it The issue with the pacing is that the story takes a lot of build up to certain plot points and while that isn't a bad thing overall if the build up is slow and doesn't add much to the plot it can be a dull experience and makes the reading time slow Five Dark Fates suffers this as do the other books 300 pages of talking planning and a few moments of fast paced scenes the last 100 pages are when things do start to pick up and that does not make for a good story let alone a finale Build up is important especially if there is a lot to unpack but having the last 100 pages be the point where the plot uickens it does not sit well with meAnd because this is a uartet the build up can be very slow I will give credit where credit is due and say that Kendare Blake does know when to move around scenes that highlight important plot points For the characters I'm very mixed about a few As many of you know Mirabella is my favorite out of the three because she's the most level headed ueen and is not afraid to show her true emotions especially around her sisters Then there's Katharine my other favorite who is very morally gray in her decisions that I came to like her a lot for her brutal honestyIt's the other two characters Arsinoe and Jules that I have an issue with From the beginning Jules was a character I did not understand Why is she here? And why does she get time than Arsinoe one of the ueens? Her involvement is later revealed as the series progresses but that did not make me like her Rather I found her to be a redundant character whose only sole purpose is to be a conflict between the sisters and the poisoners Then there's Arsinoe and I found her to be uite dull compared to Mirabella and Katharine She fits the archetype of the tomboy princess which isn't bad but you've seen them once you've seen them all Also fuck EmiliaThe biggest issue with Five Dark Fates is how it ended in the last 150 pages I will go into detail about that in a spoiler section but everything that had happened leading up to the ending could've been solved in many different ways The conflict between the four characters is that to them there is only one way to solve a problem when in reality there could've been solutions but relies heavily on one solution that results in even conflict The answers are right there in front of the characters but they choose to make things difficultBy the end of it all I could not understand many of their reasonings and decisionsBut here are my biggest issues with Five Dark Fates view spoilerAs you can guess I was not too happy when Mirabella was killed Not only was I mad because my favorite character was killed but I was also mad because her death was completely unnecessary Granted it was kind of her fault for inviting Katharine with her to a temple knowing the dead ueens were still inside her But still her death did not have to happen It only added fuel to a fire that did not need to be brighter Finally there's the issue of how undermined the Mist was in the last book The Mist is presented as a terrifying force of nature that slaughters people without hesitation A threat that could wipe out the inhabitants of Fennbirn and possible the other countries should it spread Here the Mist is mentioned at the beginning and at the end with no further explanation as to why the mist returned or if it can even be stopped if Mirabella sacrificed herself This in turn makes Daphne's and Iliana's story seem almost pointless as the Mist does nothing to further their story let alone offers closure hide spoiler

  2. Hamad says:

    I really hope this does not end up being One Fat Disappointment

  3. Amy Imogene Reads says:

    An incredibly weak ending to such a promising series Not to mention an upsetting and polarizing one? Literally all of my expectations fell through like dominos in the second half Pacing ★★★Character arcs ★Ending★ EVERYTHING BELOW THIS POINT WILL BE A SPOILER SORRY view spoilerAlright So when this series started we were told some concrete things about the world 1 that there is always a ueen2 that there are always a set of triplets3 that the triplets must kill each other to become ueenRight? Then One Dark Throne came out followed by Two Dark Reigns and I thought ok now we've got the potential for a redemption arc the sisters can face their differences and not kill each other I tried to ignore the Legion ueen plot line with Jules I found it weaker than the series concept and thought it was a red herring story lineThen Five Dark Fates came out and I was so disappointed I'm going to summarize the book for you in order to share my thoughts disclaimer I'm pretty passionate in this one and it's a lot I'm sorry Mirabella the most power elemental ever dies in one sentence 100 pages from the end She tumbles off of a cliff Yep That's it The ueen who could have razed literally everything to the ground with the elementstumbles off of a cliff in one sentence I didn't even realize she'd DIED until the next chapter She doesn't come back Katherine the boss Undead ueen dies in a few sentences near the end She ALSO tumbles to her death but this time from a rooftop so apparently it's super different? Katherine's in this supposedly epic showdown with Milk Toast ueen Arsinoe but as Arsinoe is apparently a saint who can do no wrong in this story don't get me started on my feelings for Arsinoe Arsinoe can't kill her so the mist reaches out and pushes Katherine off of a rooftop instead Killing her Yep See it's not just my crushed expectations that led to this low rating it was also the storytelling Two ueens die nearly identically with supposedly no one at fault? We could have had at least one of them die NOT via tumblingArsinoe lives to the end But she doesn't become ueen She decides to sail to the mainland in the last chapter to reclaim her lost love Billy as Billy had tupped and dumped her during the final battle The End Regardless of your feelings for Arsinoe again I found irritation at the way that this was done and not at the character Our feminist ueendom series ends with a former ueen sailing to the misogynistic mainland to beg after her male ex lover? That's a choiceSo you might ask who becomes ueen? Jules does We're introduced to this secret hidden temple close to the end whichI don't remember being mentioned in previous novels so it felt a bit too convenient where it's shown that the very first ueen on the island was a Legion ueen again wish there had been breadcrumbs leading to this conclusion ergo Jules' coming is proof that she should get the crown SoJules is the person with the epic showdown on the battlefield at the end and Jules is the one who becomes a different kind of ueen whatever that would mean raises hands in complete surrenderI don't know folks Not sure what happened to this story and how I was supposed to enjoy this ending It's a complete betrayal of the concept the original groundwork in books one and two and justagh Apologies for the intense feelings on this one When you've waited years for a series conclusion and then the ending isn't rationalit's extremely frustrating hide spoiler

  4. Tomoe Hotaru says:

    05 Sep '19 My other reviews forThree Dark Crowns | One Dark Throne | Two Dark ReignsThis book in a nutshell confused? read 1 | 2 | 3Overall it’s a two star series for meHoboy Where do we even begin with this?I thought I'd be nice and start with the positives Most of them had to do with the expectations predictions and uestions which you can read at the end of this review that I had for this book Unfortunately even the positive points came with an execution that I found lacking making it difficult for me to count them as major winning pointsI will go into some detail so be warned of HUGE untagged spoilers If you have not finished the book I advise you not to read this review further unless you don't mind knowing major plot developments and character deathsFirst positive is in terms of pulling punches I predicted that Katharine would die preferably in an attempt to redeem herself which happens to also be the only ending I would deem acceptable for her On this front the author did not disappoint What was in the previous book an abhorrent and utterly unsympathetic character for me at least was a little easier to swallow in Five Dark FatesHowever the character went through a complete 180 change yes even when the dead ueens were still inside her She was supposed to be all dark merciless but all of that completely disappeared in this series finaleIn the previous books we were led to believe that it was the dead ueens who had control over Katharine; that she acted under their malice and only sometimes bits of the true Katharine would pop to the surface Here it seemed the complete opposite In fact Katharine was often arguing and internally fighting with the dead ueens herself Why could she not do this before? Save herself and Pietyr the trouble of that whole low magic bullshit?Still related to major deaths yes I did say that in order to remain consistent Mirabella must die However the meaning of her death the true meaning of sacrifice was completely undermined by her death being nothing than a force of handInstead of our characters having to make an important decision ie let the mist kill everyone on the island or let their beloved sister die Katharine was literally forced to kill her so that the dead ueens wouldn't use her as their next avatar source What it sums down to is that the author needed and wanted to pull all these punches but not at the expense of our main protagonists' morality She wanted our three sisters to remain pure even when it would have been far logical and be much interesting to the plot if they were morally ambiguousAll major deaths even during battles what little there was of it were at the hands of tertiary characters or as the case of Katharine Mirabella under such extreme conditions that they were forced into it and had no agency or choice in the matter Don't do that Don't strip your character off of agency not for major developments such as thisThe second positive I guess almost all my predictions came true? Only that Arsinoe did not take the crown Jules did because despite my giving the benefit of the doubt it turns out Jules is indeed the Authorial Golden ChildSo that brings me to all the complaints I have for this bookMost of them are still the same as my complaints for the previous books Inconsistent characters inconsistent world building and internal logic the story progressing solely through one plot device after another so I won't go into all that again You can read my previous reviews if you're really curiousLet me instead gripe to you about the individual plot devices that I just couldn't with this book in particular and the series in generalFirst of all The Mistuestions as to its origins were answered in the previous book but THIS book was a huge disappointment in that it contributed nothing in terms of further answers or insights There was a theory in regards to why it came back ie it wanted the dead ueens inside of Katharine but this theory was left hanging; neither confirmed nor deniedThe thing with this series is that every answer provided to explain any plot point were so poorly thought out or poorly executed that they only came with uestions and inconsistencies How did the mist return? If it did come for the dead ueens why on earth did it not actually do anything about them? And importantly why would it attack civilians?None of the above was addressed at all All the mist did was hang around sometimes coming sometimes going mainly coming only when the author needed some external factor to propel the plot further or add tensiondanger when reuired Just one poor plot device in a world of plot devicesSoPlot device number twoDaphneIllianI said it before The blue ueen side plot was the only thing that kept me going in Two Dark Reigns You can tell it was only a plot device because this entire storyline WENT ALL THE WAY TO ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE in this book And if you can't tell yes that enrages meIt wasn't wrapped up wasn't explained was not anything We were given perhaps half a chapter where Arsinoe tries to find Daphne again in that cave to enlist her help and it turns out she was just gone Where? How? When? Why? No ideaGive me a break You cannot expect your readers to just brush it aside with a shrug Oh well Guess we don't need that plot device any Girl byeAnd speaking of plot devices we no longer need Correct It wasn't a curse; it was a plot deviceThe Legion CurseI honestly don't even know how to start with this one Like I said I gave the author the benefit of the doubt so I'm immensely disappointed at just how much of a Golden Child Jules turned out to be The author didn't dare put any of her characters through any moral trials; she wanted them all to remain pure and untainted for us readers to like guess what it didn't work but Jules takes the cake The only times Jules does anything bad is when she is literally insane due to her curseThe Legion Curse is not only the bowl of water for Jules to wash her hands clean but also when it could have been used as the perfect opportunity for the author to present any significant character sacrifices she takes the easy route and suddenly drops it like it was the entire Blue ueen sideplotAnd no breaking her leg at the very end of the novel and forced to walk with a limp for perhaps the rest of her off screen life is not considered a significant sacrifice in terms of character arcNow that Madrigal is dead Jules has digressed into a beast ready to strike at anyone and anything A large part of the beginning of this book was therefore spent on Arsinoe binding Jules' Legion Curse effectively tethering it to Emilia In order to win the final battle Jules untethers herself and unleashes the full extent of her power And afterwards well you saw the screenshot of the uote above It has fulfilled its purpose in plot progression and so must magically disappear for lack of a better conclusionBut since I've mentioned Arsinoe Low MagicI will let Arsinoe explain in her own words how low magic worksIt's not about thinking It's about feeling About instinctSo how does she know what she needs to do to tether Jules's Legion Curse? How does she know what to do in order to wake Pietyr up? Plot device that's howThe same is also true for the seer and their gifts They can see the future except when they can't Someone can read minds except when he can't It's all so convenient and does not follow any set of defined rules or limitations the whole book is one giant dei ex machinaAnother thing about low magic is that they keep on harping on about how it comes at a price but to this day there has been no price paid They tried to brush it off as Madrigal's death was the price Madrigal had to pay for using low magic but what kind of lame arse attempt of a justification is this? Everyone dies eventually regardless It's not much of a price if you have to pay it whether or not you use low magic It's not as though she had to suffer lose things during her lifetimeOn the other hand they also tried to pass off Mirabella's death as the price Arsinoe had to pay? Why is it that for one person their own death is the price but for another it's someone close to them?The whole explanation is so convoluted and forced it only makes it ever clear that the author only wanted a one liner conseuence to explain why nobody messes with low magic because we can't have everyone practicing low magic otherwise Arsinoe wouldn't be so speshul but never clearly thought out or wanted to follow through with said conseuence for her special charactersI briefly mentioned Pietyr above now let me revisit that can of wormsPietyrIf you read my Expectations for this book you would know that one of them was that I expect him to remain deadSpoiler alert He did notWhat does this mean? This means his sacrifice at the end of Two Dark Reigns is rendered null and void This means that the whole ending of the last book was just a cheap ploy to get fangirls all riled up and crying but like everything else the author didn’t have the courage to stick with that sacrifice What was even the purpose of his waking up again? Nothing He served no purpose to the plot nor its progressionHe was comatose almost the entire time Katharine's healers trying to wake him to no avail When Katharine holds Billy hostage Emilia retaliates by kidnapping Pietyr in return Never mind how ridiculously simple it was for one person to kidnap someone from a supposedly heavily guarded tower Arsinoe manages to wake him up with her low magic and when he wakes up Pietyr is suddenly on their side and just about ready to kill the entire ueensguardI know I promised I wouldn't go into character inconsistencies again but I just wanted to get that out thereThe PlotAt the end of the day everything just reads so juvenile; as though written for children with little attention spans who would be happy to let go of this plot point and that plot point without asking any uestions a story about young adult characters with the mental capacity of middle graders; getting into schoolyard fights one day but when they meet face to face the next day all's forgotten and forgivenThe pacing absolutely dragged A lot of scenes were unnecessary filled with idle dialogue about things we already know But since I only have 300 or so characters left in this review space I'll need to wrap up You can always read of my thoughts on this book in my reading progress updates down below I'll end by saying that I was immensely disappointed at the amount of potential this series had and how little it actually pulled through 21 Apr '19 My other reviews forThree Dark Crowns | One Dark Throne | Two Dark Reigns My expectations for this book 1 Mirabella must dieIt does not please me to say this because if I had to choose One Sister to Rule Them All it would be MBut if the author wants to remain consistent with the prophecy the Blue ueen left behind; if she isn't afraid to pull any punches; if this series is to end with any depth or meaning then Mirabella must die2 Jules needs to be a villainBy villain I mean her insanity must be fore and front most It needs to be embraced known a driving point of the plot A threat to Fennbirn's existenceAnd not in the is still redeemable at the end way either It was said that Legion cursed people would lose their mind; this rule must also remain consistent with Jules otherwise she is nothing than an authorial Golden Child3 Pietyr must remain deadPlease do not undermine the gravitas of his sacrifice in the previous book by having him somehow returned to life My predictions for this book 1 Mirabella tries to unite all her sisters They probably end up trying to defeat Jules save Fennbirn from her madness2 Katharine dies maybe in an attempt to redeem herself This would be the only ending I deem acceptable for her3 Arsinoe takes the crown4 The mist is destroyed gone and Fennbirn re connects with the rest of the world The tradition with the whole pitting sisters to the death thing will be put aside uestions that must be answered by the end of this series 1 WTF is Braddock and whyhow is he still tame despite Arsinoe no longer using low magic on him? I cannot take this point seriously since it only highlights what a special cookie Arsinoe is2 The side point in either Book 1 or Book 2 that Mirabella kept having dreams about her sister when she was supposed to have forgotten all about them kind of went to nothing I still want to know why the f she was having these memory dreams And no I do not want to have to read a novella to find out3 Still wondering why in Three Dark Crowns when Jack's rooster peckedingested Arsinoe's blood and Madrigal who handled Arsinoe's blood several different times didn't die Arsinoe is clearly a powerful poisoner If Katharine who is not even a true Poisoner only possessed by the spirits of some poisoners kills men who simply has sex with her then Arsinoe's bodily fluids should also prove just as lethal

  5. Fatih Turgut says:

    It's rumoured title is Last Dark ueen AS I SAID ITS JUST A RUMOUR

  6. helena says:

    perfectioni can’t believe this series is over i’m gonna miss it

  7. Cindy ✩☽♔ says:

    32919With this synopsis it seems Pietyr really is gone and buried 2619Omg this cover and title reveal This finale is going to be insaneview spoiler1 What happens to Katharine? Is she still in control? Or have the evil dead ueens totally taken over? Does Pietyr survive their wrath?2 Is Mirabella really going to join forces with Katharine? And if so will she be able to rescue Katharine from herself? 3 Will Arsinoe still stand by Jules now that she's likely gone mad? Will she heed Daphne's words and sacrifice her sister in the name of saving the island? hide spoiler

  8. Suzanne says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Good finale to a great series that I highly enjoyed It moves at a good pace and the characters we have read and watched developed over the last three books come to head fairly uickly The action was intriguing but the real intensity comes from the dead ueens Overall a satisfying final book

  9. Catherine says:

    05 ueens of Fennbirn ★★★★☆1 Three Dark Crowns ★★★★☆2 One Dark Throne ★★★★☆3 Two Dark Reigns ★★★★☆I think this finale book will be very polarizing for every reader who liked the Three Dark Crowns series until then either it was what you wanted or it wasn't Yes there will be 3 stars ratings like always but I think that mostly we have the ones who will give it 4 stars good finale makes sense it was what they expected from the conclusion and the ones like me giving it 2 stars we really liked this book series and yes some things from this ending were predictable so we're not shocked but we still don't have to like it plus some things aren't explained and we're left with a feeling of all that for thisWhat disappointed me the most was that we were expecting to have know about The Mist yes they began in the previous book but I wanted to know to have explanations and the Blue ueen storyline from the previous book for which we have no answer at all In terms of world building this series wasn't the best but I always loved every novel despite its flaws because there were other things to make up for it and because I expected the author to give us answers and explanations in the last book which isn't the case at all It's really disappointing because many people gave up on this series because of its flaws and when you still faithfully stay an enthusiastic fan of the books you don't want to be let down in the end The previous book was my favorite I know it's not a popular opinion among every fan of the series because it really showed how much potential this series had The last book showed that said potential would go to wasteNow the rest is BIG spoilers so don't click if you haven't read Five Dark Fates view spoilerKatharine's death was predictable but that doesn't mean I can't be bitter about MY UEEN dying She's my favorite character since the first book so obviously I'm grieving Mirabelle's death didn't really affect me which is kind of a problem I think? I was supposed to care at least a little even if her death was also predictable? Arsinoe is the sister who survives which again was predictable but for some reason Jules of all people becomes ueen instead of her Enough about Jules I'm so done with this character hide spoiler

  10. Jessica ❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥ says:

    My emotions 😭 I don't know what I feel yet Lol I need to let this one marinate for a while So much happened to the ueens and their family and friends over the past 4 books One thing is for sure I'm glad I read it Buddy Read with Natalie Misha

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