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A Little Hatred❮BOOKS❯ ✺ A Little Hatred ✰ Author Joe Abercrombie – Bluevapours.co.uk The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities But old scores run deep as everOn the blood soaked borders of Angland Leo dan Brock struggles to win fame on the ba The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities But old scores run deep as everOn the blood soaked borders of Angland Leo dan Brock struggles to win fame on the battlefield and defeat the marauding armies of Stour Nightfall He hopes for help from the crown But King Jezal's son the feckless Prince Orso is a man who specializes in disappointmentsSavine A Little PDF/EPUB or dan Glokta socialite investor and daughter of the most feared man in the Union plans to claw her way to the top of the slag heap of society by any means necessary But the slums boil over with a rage that all the money in the world cannot controlThe age of the machine dawns but the age of magic refuses to die With the help of the mad hillwoman Isern i Phail Rikke struggles to control the blessing or the curse of the Long Eye Glimpsing the future is one thing but with the guiding hand of the First of the Magi still pulling the strings changing it will be uite another.

The First Law trilogy Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings He currently lives and works in London with his wife and daughter In early Joe Abercrombie was one of the contributors to the BBC Worlds of Fantasy series alongside other contributors such as Michael Moorcock Terry Pratchett and China Mieville.

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  • A Little Hatred
  • Joe Abercrombie
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  • 27 September 2015
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  1. Robin Hobb says:

    First the usual caveats I received an advance copy of this book free from the publishers And I consider Joe Abercrombie a friend I do not think that affects my review of this bookJoe Abercrombie continues to do what he does best He sets up a very large chess board with multiple pieces Often several pieces are in motion at the same time and as always the pieces are all the same color It is truly up to the reader to decide which faction they will cheer for as the characters continue to defy the 'good' or 'bad' labels This is a tale of brute force and subtle magic set in a world on the cusp of an industrial revolution Buckle your seat belts for this oneA few things I will tell you up front If you've never read any of Abercrombie's books you can still jump right into his world with this one There is just enough back story for each setting to make it real; never a mind numbing re chewing of events from a previous book There are numerous characters Some get a chance to reveal their point of view Others keep their thoughts to themselves and let us judge for ourselves what they are pondering Now if you have read Joe's other books set in this world you are in for a richer experience as familiar names rivalries hatreds and alliances are renewed evolve and dissolve in this volume The characters are memorable Even with a large cast I never had to fumble back to recall who was who and what was going on A Little Hatred is not a gentle book Characters are shown at their best and their worst and the full spectrum of what some are capable of can be appalling This is a vivid and jolting tale The fantasy elements of the book are subtle the magic scarce and yet utterly essential to the plot

  2. Petrik says:

    ARC provided by the publisher—Gollancz—in exchange for an honest reviewGrim dark fun and glorious; A Little Hatred is irrefutably worth the wait Let me begin by saying that although this is a new series in the First Law World and you can technically start your journey into this world here it’s uite mandatory to read at least The First Law trilogy in order to fully appreciate the intricacies of this book; even better if you’ve also read Best Served Cold and The Heroes Reading A Little Hatred without knowledge of the previous books would be a similar experience to reading Pierce Brown’s Iron Gold without reading his previous three books or reading Robin Hobb’s Tawny Man trilogy without reading Farseer trilogy first Do yourself a favor and make sure you read The First Law trilogy first before you start A Little Hatred I even binge reread the entire trilogy to make sure that I can start this book with refreshed information Make some time for it not only it’s a brilliant trilogy but you’ll also be doing a huge disservice to the book and most of all your reading experience if you don’t do it On to the actual review now “Nothing like being wanted is there? Wanted by someone you want Always seems like magic that something can feel so good but cost nothing” Red Country was first published on October 2012; it’s been seven years since Abercrombie released a novel within his First Law World series A Little Hatred is the first book in The Age of Madness trilogy by Joe Abercrombie; chronologically this is the eight—seventh if you exclude Sharp Ends anthology—installment in his First Law World series Honestly A Little Hatred and Dark Age by Pierce Brown—which I’ll read after I post this review—are two of my most anticipated books of the year; to say that I’m excited about reading these books are a huge understatement It gladdens me wholeheartedly to say that A Little Hatred successfully exceeded my high expectations to say the least The story in A Little Hatred takes place roughly 30 years after the end of Last Argument of Kings that’s 15 years after the end of Red Country Many years have passed and with it the world has entered a new age the industrial revolution it’s a time of innovations progress technologies and commerce Despite the arrival of a new age fans of the series have nothing to be scared of everything that’s familiar and awesome about First Law World was evidently easy to find in this book Times have changed but money politics power and bloody war remained as the central driving themes of the story; told in his trademarked gritty at times humorous and dark storytelling style Abercrombie once again tells a compelling story that shows how good or bad are most of the times decided merely by different perspectives and which side you stand on “Believe it or not we all want what’s best The root o’ the world’s ills is that no one can agree on what it is” Abercrombie is pretty well known for his well realized and memorable characters there’s no shortage of them in the series so far Logen Ninefingers Sand dan Glokta Jezal dan Luthar Bayaz Collem West Nicomo Cosca Caul Shivers Dogman Black Dow The Feared Bremer dan Gorst and Monza Murcatto to name a few In A Little Hatred we follow the perspectives of a new cast of memorable characters One way or another almost all of the perspective characters were related to characters that have appeared before in the series Familiar faces and names do appear uite a lot; there are so much depth and complexity in the background of the characters and world building that’s impossible to appreciate if you jump into this immediately For example even after three decades have passed in the world the legend of the Bloody Nine’s glory still triumphed in the North; many warriors admire his deeds and try their best to follow his footsteps Also without entering spoiler territory for those of you who’ve read the first trilogy you should know by now who the main despicable villain of this series is He’s back again and rest assured he brings havoc treachery and maximum manipulations with his arrival “Now all a man’s worth is how much work can be sueezed from him We’re husks to be scraped out and tossed away We’re cogs in the big machine” The new cast of characters was fantastic to read In A Little Hatred we mostly follow the perspectives of seven characters Rikke Leo Savine Orso Vic Broad and Clover Every single POV was imbued with a distinctive voice that captivated me I honestly have a hard time deciding which new perspective I loved most within this book Almost halfway through the book I became addicted to reading every storyline and I think I have to settle with saying that I love reading every new perspective eually Each character’s internal struggles different motivations and their characterizations were extremely well written; seeing how their paths connect with one another was truly delightful She had long ago learned that at least half of everything is presentation Seem a victim soon become one Seem in charge people fall over themselves to obey Superbly written and incredibly vivid battle scenes are one of Abercrombie’s strongest strength as an author and A Little Hatred doesn’t disappoint The two big action seuences in A Little Hatred were simply jaw dropping Abercrombie used the same storytelling style he implemented previously in one or two chapters in Last Argument of Kings and The Heroes to create a chain of events with a seamless perspective’s transition that portrayed mayhem destruction and madness towards every participant in a conflict The poor tend to pay the biggest price of war and this was showed magnificently Say one thing for Abercrombie say he writes some of the best duel scenes in fantasy The monstrous rage the noise of clashing steels the crushing impacts and the bloody deathblows delivered; everything about the pulse pounding duel featured in A Little Hatred reached a super palpable uality that made my reading experience totally engaging and immersive “Why folk insisted on singing about great warriors all the time Rikke couldn’t have said Why not sing about really good fishermen or bakers or roofers or some other folk who actually left the world a better place rather than heaping up corpses and setting fire to things? Was that behavior to encourage?” I can vouch with temerity that Abercrombie has crafted another amazing book; expect great things from him and he shall deliver Fans of grimdark fantasy and The First Law trilogy will have an utterly terrific time reading this must read book I’m sure of it Abercrombie has created a ground breaking impact with The First Law trilogy; a lot of modern grimdark fantasy series have been inspired by it Based on the experience from the reading the first book of this trilogy alone I don’t think it’s a stretch to claim that The Age of Madness will strengthen that notion Fueled by furious action seuences profound passages compelling narratives and characters that get under your skin; A Little Hatred is a bloody brilliant and breathtaking book This absolutely stunning return to Abercrombie’s beloved First Law World once again established himself as the reigning lord of grimdark fantasy A new age for grimdark is here and it is called The Age of Madness Read itOfficial release date 17th September 2019You can pre order the book from UK | US | Book Depository Free shipping The uotes in this review were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  3. Emma says:

    SPOILER FREE REVIEW ‘War? It’s a fight so big almost no one comes out of it well’First of all this is not fantasy as we know it In fact this is barely fantasy at all Undoubtedly epic with than a hint of magic this is a high fantasy world with a low fantasy feel It's a sign of the times even the big hitters are pursing influence though finance and banking instead of sorcery The First Law world is for all intents and purposes our world As a result the book reads a bit like historical fiction A lot like history If nothing else the author must have done some serious research into the Industrial and French revolutions to so evocatively and effectively depict this kind of terror these sorts of turbulent times It’s nothing less than a deconstruction of humanity And because of that it’s the very best kind of story telling This is history in action bloody and indifferent It’s a clear eyed look at who people really are and what they really do in wealth or poverty in revolution in war Revealed here are the dangers of idealised Progress especially when it’s really just about Profit and action for and by the People especially when it’s just about Power Look around fellow readers at the world we live in now; this isn’t just a book about the past Fear not though if this all sounds a bit serious this is pure Abercrombie Plots within plots brutal violence death and destruction surprises and a gold thread of humour to balance the grimThe author isn’t the only one who has been looking at the past for inspiration the narrative is steeped in the supposed glory days of what came before The events detailed in the First Law Trilogy form than just the backdrop for this book they inform the actions and attitudes of all the players Perhaps you could begin your reading journey here but I highly recommend you don’t Not only are there characters from past books playing significant roles no I’m not telling who many of the issues in play come directly from the other books in the series Or at least the memory of them or their legend Everyone’s favourite psychopath Logen Ninefingers figures heavily in the hero worship of this new age of young warriors exerting the kind of influence that changes the course of the future If this is a book about what the past has to teach us it’s clear to me that many of the characters have learned all the wrong lessonsAnd what characters they are Since there’s only limited information in the blurb I’m not going to spoil any surprises but at least one of the new introductions is heading towards my favourites list already Maybe even two Every flaw every bit of self delusion every failed attempt at virtue is on show the good in people repeatedly shoved aside by circumstance or self interest It’s the kind of real that has you chuckling darkly to yourself in recognition And if you’re not? Well perhaps you should take another look It’s not all gritty inhumanity Mostly but not all Even Abercrombie leaves some room for hope Except now I’m remembering the overarching pattern of the first trilogy and wondering whether he’s playing on my innate optimism? I wouldn’t put it past him Anyway this book is exceptional Indisputably spectacularly criminally good Clever funny and packed with cutting commentary it’s well worth the waitARC via publisher

  4. James Tivendale says:

    I received an advanced review copy of A Little Hatred in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank Joe Abercrombie and Gollancz This first novel in The Age of Madness series is set a generation after The First Law trilogy We are reintroduced to this world as it is in a bit of a crisis It's a new age that features the introduction of machinery a potential revolution brutal hard labour and the fear and hatred of progression It's reaching a boiling point and that could soon euate to absolute turmoil Here once again Abercrombie showcases why he is still one of the finest Grimdark Dark Fantasy writers of all time The author's world building and characterisation are as impressive detailed and uniue as ever and the humour presented is amazing and typical AbercrombiePoint of veiw characters Orso Savine and Rikke are the children of Jezal Glotka and The Dogman respectively Some of the old favourite players are featured here but they don't take over the mainstage The new ensemble is well worth reading about and they organically take other the reins that steer this narrative Abercrombie still creates bastards you love to hate and that you hate that you love The author is a genius at creating characters that I actually care about however horrible they may be My two absolute favourites follow were the so called awful alcohol addicted King in Waiting Orso who deep down wishes to be a good person and a leader and also arguably the novel's finest character the sex addicted entrepreneur Savine Glotka There a uite a few point of view players throughout and in addition to the aforementioned Leo the perfect hero and Broad the formidable warrior with a harsh past are great to follow Their scenes were stunning to visualise and were the most memorableSome of the players may seem two dimensional initially until Abercrombie deftly expands on their thoughts emotions and agendas and massages the depth of their personalities into our minds As mentioned we see some old legends from the past such as Glotka The Dogman and Bayaz but the new characters are not in the shadows of their predecessors at all They truly own the narrativeI had a brilliant time reading this and returning to Abercrombie's world Although I haven't completed all of The First Law books and even though you probably could start reading here I think some prior knowledge of at least one or two of the original trilogy is truly beneficial A Little Hatred does read like the typical first book in a fantasy epic which may build up to truly monumental and stunning moments but it doesn't really work as a standalone I believe Abercrombie has completed the remaining two books though and I can't wait for the next entry and to lose myself here again Bravo When I have finished all The First Law books I will return to this and the rating may be increased to 5 starsPS This is a casual review than normal as I finished the novel a little while ago but haven't had the internet for a few weeks Today is the first time I've been able to get around to reviewing it

  5. Peter says:

    InstabilityJoe Abercrombie has written an outstanding earth shattering book A Little Hatred is the first book of his new trilogy The Age of Madness which is based in the world he created for The First Law trilogy The lands of The Union and its neighbouring empires reverberate with the past echoes of battles courageous exploits and heroic characters Characters such as Logan Ninefingers Dogman Black Dow The Feared Jezal dan Luther and Sand dan Glokta are still mentioned in revered tones and after 30 years some are still alive This is a novel that is structured along multiple threads and points of view which provide a wide variety of fascinating story arcs Abercrombie manages to create a new array of unforgettable characters who all eually contribute to an adventurous story He creates diverse complex characters where some you will favour but he doesn’t make it easy as each person conveys traits that portray what is good and bad in humanity what is virtuous and what is corruptThe Union has fought the toughest wars for years and it has cost a lot of money and even though there has been peace for a long time the debt of war is substantial In current times an industrial change is underway where machines have the capacity to outwork and outperform real people The nature of jobs will also change and we only have to reflect how our own industrial revolution affected the lives of so many With increased industrialisation comes the movement of people from rural areas to cities and for some comes increased wealth while for many others comes poverty hardship and resentment Something will give and society feels like a tinderbox waiting for the spark to ignite a revolution “ ‘Every man with a say in how he’s governed Every man with a vote’ ‘So no king?’ ‘Every man’ll be a king’ Broad might’ve called it treason once but his patriotic feelings had taken uite the kicking the last couple of years Now it just sounded like daydreams” With the cost of industrialisation innovation and serious debt the Union is ill euipped to fight another war Please let there be another warTo add to the precarious position of the Union the North under the leadership of Stour Nightfall the Great Wolf have started attacking the northern border of Angland A border defended by Lady Finree and her son Leo the Young Lion who may have the courage but not the wit to battle the seasoned warrior Nightfall Other characters providing a uniue POV and storyline include Dogman’s daughter Rikke gifted with the Long Eye Savine dan Glokta the highly intelligent and ruthless daughter of the chief inuisitor and Prince Orso heir to the throne of The Union’s empire Broad Clover and Vic It was wonderful to read each enthralling and entertaining narrative with eual fascination There is no reason why this book can’t be read without any previous experience of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law world However knowing how he writes his trilogies you need to start this trilogy with this book Also if you have the chance of reading the First Law trilogy before this take the opportunity – not only will you adore it but you’ll meet wonderful characters that only get a mention in this book I would highly recommend this book and this fantasy world and characters Joe Abercrombie has created stand with the best ever imagined I'd like to thank Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC version in return for an honest review

  6. Nicholas Eames says:

    Yep this was as awesome as I'd hoped it would be Witty bloody and fun Phenomenal characters abound and it sets the stage for even grander things to come

  7. Nick Borrelli says:

    1010For those who hold Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy in the utmost esteem like I do you will be very pleased to know that this book is the start of a new series set in that same world In fact some of the main characters in A LITTLE HATRED are the children or other family members of characters from First Law The setting is also a very familiar one with the action taking place some years after the turbulent events of the first series All of this makes for a wonderful transition and extension of that particular story arc while giving us something very new to chew onWelcome back to Angland where much has changed in the past 30 or so years and yet in some cases much has not changed The Union still struggles to maintain stability in a land where marauders and enemy armies continually nip at its heels and test its tenuous rule There's also uite a bit of back biting and double dealing from within which doesn't help matters This is a land where power speaks and the best way to gain power is by eliminating your enemies possibly using underhanded methods if necessary As with the previous series there are threats to The Union from outside its borders the only thing different is the leaders who have now taken up the mantle The population is growing increasingly bitter and discontented as refugees fleeing from other lands flood into Union territory seeking a reprieve from the corruption and brutality of their own feckless rulersUltimately the refugee infusion causes an untenable situation as extreme resentment creeps in and very disparate cultures are forced into a situation where they are competing for the already limited resources provided by an uncaring government only concerned with its own greed and power The Union faces potential invasion as a growing army masses to the north and is preparing for war Can The Union prevail when forces from both outside and inside its ranks are slowly eating away at it like a parasite? Or will the past few decades of relative peace result in it being too soft and ill prepared for the onslaught that may be about to be unleashed from the north?A LITTLE HATRED has all of the violence brutality world building and witty humor that we have come to expect from the Lord of Grimdark himself Joe Abercrombie I'm avoiding spoilers here for those who haven't read the First Law trilogy but if you haven't read those yet what is wrong with you? What I will say is that for those who may have been afraid that Abercrombie was getting a little soft after releasing a YA series a few years ago rest assured that the master is back and better than everWhat I found especially gratifying in this book is the way that we were allowed to be connected again to some very familiar characters through their children For instance there's Savine dan Glokta daughter of my favorite character in any Fantasy series hated torturer and inuisitor Sand dan Glokta Savine has all of the guile and wit of her father but with a tenacity and cunning of her own that makes her a very worthy adversary to those who would cross her Then there's Rikke daughter of the battle tested friend of Logen Ninefingers Dogman Rikke has the ability to see the future through a gift called The Long Eye What she sees in her latest visions are truly horrifying indeed and could have implications beyond imaginingThese characters plus a multitude of others really make up the strength of this phenomenal story Abercrombie has always been my favorite author when it comes to writing incredible dialogue and A LITTLE HATRED shows him in top form once again where that is concerned I mean the guy can flat out write brilliant dialogue and his characters are always fleshed out to an amazing degree I'm so glad that I was able to revisit this world again and get immersed in such a wonderful book that doesn't rehash any old ground but rather expands on the past history to give us an entirely new and engaging story to enjoy A LITTLE HATRED is a can't miss book filled with violence treachery suspense humor adventure and that special storytelling knack that can only come from one of the best writers in the genre If you want an amazing read that won't disappoint pick this one up and read it cover to cover The I read Joe Abercrombie's books the higher he moves up in the pantheon of the best of the best in Fantasy Well done Lord Grimdark If this first book is any indication of what is to come then I eagerly anticipate the next installment with much enthusiasm indeed Just a uick note if you are wondering whether you can jump right into this book without reading his First Law trilogy I would say yes and no Yes it is a totally self contained story and you can absolutely read this book and enjoy it on its own merits However if you truly want to get the best reading experience from A LITTLE HATRED I highly recommend reading the First Law trilogy It will give you a much deeper understanding of events and circumstances while also providing valuable insight into the characters

  8. Myke Cole says:

    A Little Hatred would be a remarkable book in ANY genre Fantasy fans are beyond fortunate that Joe chose this oneAbercrombie returns to the world of The First Law without missing a beat displaying the same incredible empathy evocative prose and intensely relatable characters all navigating one of the most intricate and well constructed plot mazes I’ve ever had the pleasure to navigateSeriously This book is so good it makes me want to give up writing That is the highest compliment I can pay a work and I reserve it for writers operating at the level of a James Clavell Joe has earned his place among the masters who transcend genre and I sincerely hope the wider literary community honors him in the same manner as it has fantasy novelists like Tolkien Lewis or Martin

  9. Holly (Holly Hearts Books) says:

    “Wars may be won by the clever but battles have to be fought by the brave”I’m confident in saying this is Joe Abercrombie’s best work

  10. Ed McDonald says:

    Sometimes you get sent a book written by one of the people whose work you do your best not to rip off I was sent an advanced reader copy by Gollancz Here’s what I thoughtZero spoilersFor an author the problem with reading the books of another author whom you kind of grew up on is that a you’re really worried about whether their work will stand up like when you try and watch The Princess Bride with someone who has never seen it before and really hope they’ll like it and b if you’re writing anything of your own at the time you have to be really careful that your characters don’t mysteriously start sounding like Abercrombie’s As a writer one can’t help but absorb what you’re taking in You have to be realistic about these thingsThe strength of Abercrombie’s writing has always been in the depth and realisation of the characters Those who’ve followed The First Law since its beginnings will be well aware that every key view point character is immediately recognisable This is a really deep part of the storytelling but when you think back on these memorable players you know what they look like physically how they would react to any given stimuli even how they talk These characters live and breathe on the page Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that they aren’t actually memoirsA Little Hatred serves up uite a lot of new characters and every character in this book stands out as clearly as a blade in the neck Abercrombie pulls his familiar trick of showing us the characters in their proto form – which one could be mistaken for thinking of as one dimensional – before slowly fleshing them out The denial the self loathing the lack of self awareness all those awful negative and frighteningly real feelings we all have in our moments of self doubt come creeping in and twist your understanding of who these people are and what they do What’s particularly surprising is the way that you can start off enjoying the characters while rather hoping that they get what they deserve to really feeling for them – even a character as corrupted and morally bankrupt as SavineI don’t want to spoil the reveals of the familiar faces as they pop up through the book but it’s a credit to this novel that while we get to say “Hi” to some of the old favourites they are not running the show A Little Hatred is a book about a new generation and they get to show their own lives their own troubles and yes of course all that good stuff sending people to the mud torture bad sex and what notThere is a lot of shagging in this one and since I’m pretty much sure you’ve read Abercrombie before you’re likely also familiar with bad morning breath trousers getting tangled up and so on I like a good dose of romance in my reading but I’m not exactly sure that this is dates and flowers But then what does one expect?I particularly also enjoy how we’re constantly reminded and informed by all of the jaded world weary characters about how stabbing people in the back is the best option and how violence never solves anything and that nothing was ever achieved with a sword blah blah and we readers nod along feeling all smug because yeah tell it like it is man And then we get into the Circle and we’re baying for blood just like every Northerner and secretly hoping that someone’s going to earn their NameOne of the curiosities about this novel however is that this is the kind of novel that you can only write when you’re already a megastar in the fantasy literature world There’s not really an actual single plot running through the narrative We see a lot of characters and they all have their adventures and while towards the end of the book they get tied together when I turned the last page I still wasn’t entirely sure what the book is about The stability of the Union maybe? Although we’re never really asked to care about it It’s like a waltz through the First Law world taking in a little here a little there and watching glorious characters make a huge mess of everythingOf course I’m pretty sure that there’s a current of narrative that runs beneath it all especially as Abercrombie has finished all three installments before releasing the first It’s testament to the depth and strength of the characters in this story that I’m already pretty keen to get my hands on the next one even if I couldn’t actually tell you what the story is actually about And maybe that’s kind of the point Life rarely has suared off endings Maybe not all stories need them tooThere are some really interesting themes running through A Little Hatred I was at times reminded of the Levellers and other reformation groups in the 17th century not the indie folk band uestions about division of wealth remain suitably muddy throughout Perhaps one of my highlights was when Rikke picks up what is essentially a copy of The Daily Mail or the reflection of Brexiteer attitudes from the mouth of one of the principal cast There’s some interesting feelings for the reader as they see some of the rich made poor some of the poor made rich and how we feel about it in each caseOverall A Little Hatred shows Abercrombie at his blood and dirt best Characters that come to life on the page bloody showdowns in the Circle backstabbing intrigue loving and hating and dying all rolled into one infinitely digestible package You will love to hate and then hate to love these people characters who are once flawed and perfect With A Little Hatred Abercrombie proves that he’s still the one to beat

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