Capturing the Devil

Capturing the Devil❮Read❯ ➮ Capturing the Devil ➲ Author Kerri Maniscalco – In the shocking finale to the bestselling series that began with Stalking Jack the Ripper Audrey Rose and Thomas are on the hunt for the depraved elusive killer known as the White City Devil A deadly In the shocking finale to the bestselling series that began with Stalking Jack the Ripper Audrey Rose and Thomas are on the hunt for the depraved elusive killer known as the White City Devil A Capturing the PDF/EPUB ² deadly game of cat and mouse has them fighting to stay one step ahead of the brilliant serial killer or see their fateful romance cut short by unspeakable tragedyAudrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell have landed in America a bold brash land unlike the genteel streets of London they knew But like London the city of Chicago hides its dark secrets well When the two attend the spectacular World's Fair they find the once in a lifetime event tainted with reports of missing people and unsolved murdersDetermined to help Audrey Rose and Thomas begin their investigations only to find themselves facing a serial killer unlike any they've heard of before Identifying him is one thing but capturing him and getting dangerously lost in the infamous Murder Hotel he constructed as a terrifying torture device is anotherWill Audrey Rose and Thomas see their last mystery to the end together and in love or will their fortunes finally run out when their most depraved adversary makes one final devastating kill.


Capturing the Devil PDF ê Capturing the  PDF/EPUB ²
  • Hardcover
  • 453 pages
  • Capturing the Devil
  • Kerri Maniscalco
  • English
  • 08 August 2015
  • 9780316485548

10 thoughts on “Capturing the Devil

  1. Kerri says:

    91019 UPDATEgood morning and welcome to the world little book the last five years of writing these stories and getting to know these characters have been the best but now it’s time for me to say goodbye and send Thomas and Audrey Rose offi absolutely adore this conclusion–it ends where it all began for me what you thought you knew about a killer in Stalking Jack the Ripper might just be another mystery waiting to be solved i hope you’ve loved the hints i’ve dropped along the wayStalking Jack the Ripper intros the world and playersHunting Prince Dracula finds them in a castle much like Holmes’ Murder HotelEscaping From Houdini was an emotional journey into HellAnd now Audrey Rose and Thomas are finally Capturing the Devil they’ve been hunting Or at least they’re trying toas you join me in solving the final Stalking Jack the Ripper mystery please remember one thingBeyond life beyond death my love for thee is eternal dear readerthank you thank you thank you for going on another adventure with mexoxo9819 UPDATEthere are now TWO days left until pub which means there's only one day left to get your CTD pre order prizesUS readers snag them here readers have an option here SO CLOSE NOW9419 UPDATEi did my first virtual book launch last night if you missed it no worries you can still watch it and order signed books for the next 30 days i'll also pop in and answer and seriespublishing uestions in the commentshttpstalkshoplivestream1999SIX DAYS LEFT FRIENDS 82619 UPDATEtoday is the last day to pre order a personalized copy of CTD from Mysterious Galaxy bookstore they do ship INTL so please snag yours if you were waiting for a personalized copy xoxo UPDATEto celebrate the ONE MONTH mark until pub day i released the official CAPTURING THE DEVIL book trailer on my social media and website i hope you enjoy it xoxo71819 UPDATEthe PREORDER PRIZES have been announced details and FA here UPDATEI currently have TWO chapter samplers up for grabs on my Instagram account Contest ends on June 10th This will likely be the only giveaway I host due to limited suppliesUPDATE COVER REVEAL is scheduled for Monday 42919I'm also releasing an ENTIRE CHAPTER 11 am EST xoxo1819 UPDATEi've released the second uote from CAPTURING THE DEVIL on my IG tumblr and twitter Facebook and my website will follow it's the first Cresswell uote hope you enjoy xoxo1719 UPDATE the official synopsis is here also??? the release date has been pushed up to September 10thi'm SO excited to share this final adventure with you its scheduled release date is 92619 and there will be a cover reveal full synopsis and other fun announcements early in the New Year for now i'm finishing up this draft and enjoying every second of it xoxo

  2. Grace (BURTSBOOKS) says:

    My enjoyment of this series totally dwindled as it went along I was in love with the first two books there was a perfect balance of murder and mystery and entertaining banter between our two main characters As the series went along though slowly it became about over dramatic romance and less about spine chilling plot I love Audrey Rose and Thomas as characters and they are a great pair but having to spend 75% of a book I thought would be a murder mystery listening to them proclaim their undying love was not my cup of tea to say the least I wanted wayyyyy less romance and much murder and in the end this series just didn't deliver what it promised to initially and I can't help but feel disappointed I will never forget the way the first chapter in Stalking Jack the Ripper made goosebumps rise on the back of my neck as I witnessed Audrey Rose cut into her first cadaver I had so much hope after that moment for the premise and the characters and I just wish this series continued along the vein of science and flaying open dead bodies that it started on This wasn't a bad book by any means it's just not what I wanted it to be unfortunately

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    25 stars I love you dear Audrey and Thomas but I’m unhauling my hardbacks I’m just not feeling it any Faecrate Capturing The Devil Book Hangover Recovery Kit Click on the link under the pic to see all of the GOODIES THE GOODIES LINK

  4. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    ➵ Stalking Jack the Ripper #1 ★★★★★➵ Hunting Prince Dracula #2 ★★★★★➵ Escaping from Houdini #3 ★★★★★➵ Capturing the Devil #4 ★★★★★ ”I was born with the devil in meAnd he has been with me ever since Basically me throughout the entire book I’m sure some people had the tiny nagging voice in the back of their head whispering What if the final book is awful? What if Kerri pulls a Veronica Roth on us? but not me I have an unbeatable and slightly unrealistic faith in this woman to create a story that will satisfy And I am happy to announce that it did The fourth and final NO WHYYYY book of my favorite series was amazing The characters plot and audio were superb and I honestly could not have asked for This final book did an amazing job of wrapping up every plotline and loose end in one beautiful and spectacular bow Even though I loved all the plotlines I’ll discuss my favorite one first Audrey Rose and Thomas I have never shipped a couple so hard and guess what guys view spoilerTHEY HAD SEX AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hide spoiler

  5. Chelsea Humphrey says:

    NOW AVAILABLEStalking Jack the Ripper 🌟🌟Hunting Prince Dracula 🌟🌟🌟Escaping from Houdini 🌟🌟🌟🌟Becoming the Dark Prince 🌟🌟🌟Capturing the Devil 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Shall we see about solving another gruesome murder my love? Thomas Cresswell confirmed angelIf you hear sobbing around the world on September 10th it's likely due to the fact that Capturing the Devil released and we're all having to say goodbye to Thomas Cresswell I mean the series Yes totally the series It's no secret that I jumped onboard the Stalking Jack the Ripper series fashionably late but I'm so glad that I decided to finally give these a try and it was really nice to be able to binge them all back to back without waiting for years between releases 🙃 My relationship with these books has been tumultuous so you can be assured I'm not blowing smoke by recommending this installment as I have been brutally honest about my feelings toward each book as I've read them Minor spoilers in the remainder of the review for the previous books in the seriesWhen I began Stalking Jack the Ripper I was sorely disappointed due to the fact that the culprit is evident from the beginning of the book Many MANY fans encouraged me to keep going and that the rest of the books were a huge improvement from the first which they were right about I found myself the oddball out in finding my favorite installment and now possibly tied with this one being Escaping from Houdini maybe because I love books set on cruise ships traveling carnivals and over the top drama Each book seems to give us a case that is pertinent to that installment while also giving us some sort of twist pertaining to the overall arc of the series and I love thisGoing into Capturing the Devil I had some ideas about how things would wrap up Having read the author's notes in the afterward of each novel I gleaned that she was writing these books based off of popular conspiracy theories sprinkled with historical facts which makes for an engrossing read IMO there aren't enough engaging historical mysteries in the YA realm and the author does a fine job of creating an oppressive haunting atmosphere in each setting so much so that the setting is a character itself There was a nice little twist at the end; it will shock some and others might say I knew it all along Either way the beauty of this tale is that it isn't dependent on this twist due to the fact that we have a hardcore heroine with the wickedest cane in the world a tender romance that has been tested by time and trials and a satisfying wrap up to give everyone the fuzzies This series is definitely one that you want to read in order and even though I had a rocky beginning I'm glad that I invested the time and energy into knowing these characters and solving the mysteries Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy

  6. Rachel E. Carter says:

    After this series there will never be a book by Kerri I don't read Wow Just love her writing and Cressworth so much

  7. Nastassja says:

    It is set in stone then my affection toward this series is truly dead In spite of being very enthusiastic about the whole business of writing a snarky review part of me feels very sad because in the beginning Stalking Jack the Ripper the first book in the series was one of my favorites But the magic is gone and if I to pick up book one and book four and compare them I'd see two absolutely different books in style and message Maybe 'it's not you but me' situation but I highly doubt it because a series that started from solving gruesome murders with witty and intelligent characters turned into a uest of finding a husband Here goes a short summary of Capturing the Devil CAPTURING A TITLED HUSBAND OR HOW RICH PEOPLE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT A SERIAL KILLER WHEN THEY HAVE A WEDDING TO PLAN BEWARE THE SPOILERSSo Audrey Rose and Thomas love each other; they want to get engaged to consummate their undying love But wait it's not enough they have to marry as soon as possible in two weeks time to be precise Thomas is a lord his father is a duke and his mother was a distant relative of Dracula yes that Dracula What an excellent breed we've got here Audrey Rose is such a feminist She's ready to marry at 17 yo; over she's ready to take his family name because for a second it's her choice unlike her own family name that was given to her at birth without her consent Poor child Most young women of my station married at about twenty one years but my soul felt older especially after the events on the RMS EtruriaSo the upcoming nuptials are nearing and our love birds decide to consummate their progressive engagement with sex on the night before the wedding Of course the groom is such a glorious stud and he practices physically a lot by moving cadavers What a sport you've got here lad “How is it you’re so defined?” I asked running my hands over his surprisingly hard chest “Do you take secret sword lessons I ought to know about? This”—I motioned to him—“makes no sense” “Truthfully?” Thomas laughed seeming to release a bit of his own nerves “I pick up cadavers every day in the laboratory All that body hauling business keeps me uite fit and healthyAll cadaver related fun aside morning comes and our lovers are standing in the church ready to tell their vows when the priest asks if anyone has objections to this union and oh horrors a woman runs into the church and declares they can't marry because she is the one and only fiancee of Thomas's gaspHow excitingSome tears later we find out that Thomas's evil Duke of a father does not want his son to marry below station how scandalous and so he forged his son's signature on a paper that says he has to marry this another girl who is at least a daughter of a maruise And here Thomas can't hold it together any and threatens to forsake his title and inheritance to be with the woman he loves But the Duke can't be duped so easily and so he threatens to marry Thomas's younger sister off to an old oaf double gaspAnd the most interesting part is characters have only known each other for short five months FIVE MONTHS and they ready to marry and love each other eternally How modern how feminist indeed Mr Thomas Cresswell—my insufferable yet most decidedly charming partner in crime solving—and I had danced around the subject of both courtship and marriage I’d agreed to accept him should he ask my father first and hadn’t expected everything to unfold uite as uickly as it had We’d known each other for just a few short months—five now—but it felt right In all that delusional fever nobody seemed to give a shit about the serial killer who opens up whores like tin cans It seems I am the only one who cares about whores than royal weddings All of the above was happening for about 30 40% of the book until oh blessing the characters seemed to finally remember about the killer From that point on things straightened up a little bit and my interest piued at the murder investigation To my delight not really some scenes between our love birds were good enough to remind me a little bit why I loved this series so much in the first place But overall the whole murder business was distilled with an overabundance of romance that poured off the pages like a thickening syrop too sticky to digest it without a cringe Thomas Cresswell who was one of the best male characters for me once upon a time completely and irrevocably turned into a spinless sidekick of the heroine who doesn't know what real feminism really means But of course I still have to give it to the author research for this book was amazing and the setting was uite authentic in my humble opinion And I always liked Kerri Maniscalco's writing style so in that area I don't have any scores to settle All in all Capturing the Devil is a masked romance novel about capturing a husband who knows his way with cadavers It was sexy at times not the cadavers business it was gruesome at times it was decently written but the magic is gone and I have nothing else to add except Rest in peace my love

  8. Kat Valentine says:

    Friggin fabulous book I can't say it enough how much I adore this fantabulous series From book 1 Stalking Jack The ripper to this 4 th and final book Capturing the devil Audrey rose and Thomas are incredible and watching their journey has been intoxicating and I don't think I will ever forget this couple Kerri Maniscalco is a fabulous storyteller and her words flow with beauty and grace I have loved how she has taken intriguing characters from the past and brought them back to life From Jack the ripper to dracula to houdini to the infamous HH Holmes I've watched and read a lot about the connection between Jack the ripper and americas first seriel killer HH holmes and loved how Kerri interwove it into capturing the devil I don't know how many times I stopped reading this book just so I could take a deep breath So many twists and turns for these loversbut Kerri did a awesome job on wrapping up their story Also we got to read about the mysterious and sexy bad boy Ayden I would love to read about himI need to know about his past He is a very intriguing character with many secrets Can't wait to see what's next for this amazingly talented writer Until next time luv's💞💋

  9. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    This physically pains me but I'm moving this to my finish me soon shelf I've been trying to read this book for months and am only 130pg into it because my heart just isn't in it right now Hopefully I'll be in a better frame of mind for it soon and will love it as much as I loved the first 3 books

  10. Candace Robinson says:

    This is the fourth and last installment in the Jack the Ripper series and I did a buddy read with the awesome Shannon Reads ReelsThe last book had me slightly on edge in certain parts due to the sort of love triangle thing going on so I was hoping this one would be smooth sailing with my favorite duo Thomas and Audrey Thomas is probably one of my favorite male book characters ever and he was his normal witty and awesome self here I loved the banter between him and Audrey At times I did get frustrated with Audrey but it's been like that this whole series but I really do like herThere was some great mystery here and some neat reveals My favorite part was the swoon though Oh and there was some serious swoon I also hated Thomas's father and hate is probably a nice word about that gentKerri just has such wonderful writing and description that keep me captivated page by bloody page And yes there was plenty mention of blood Overall I adored this one so much and can't wait to read books from Maniscalco

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