RomanovRead Romanov Nadine Brandes The History Books Say I Died.They Don T Know The Half Of It Anastasia Nastya Romanov Was Given A Single Mission To Smuggle An Ancient Spell Into Her Suitcase On Her Way To Exile In Siberia It Might Be Her Family S Only Salvation But The Leader Of The Bolshevik Army Is After Them, And He S Hunted Romanov Before.Nastya S Only Chances Of Saving Herself And Her Family Are To Either Release The Spell And Deal With The Consequences, Or Enlist Help From Zash, The Handsome Soldier Who Doesn T Act Like The Average Bolshevik Nastya Has Only Dabbled In Magic, But It Doesn T Frighten Her Half As Much As Her Growing Attraction To Zash She Likes Him She Thinks He Might Even Like Her.That Is, Until She S On One Side Of A Firing Squad And He S On The Other.

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[Epub] ↠ Romanov Author Nadine Brandes –
  • Hardcover
  • 337 pages
  • Romanov
  • Nadine Brandes
  • English
  • 15 February 2018
  • 9780785217244

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  1. Nadine Brandes says:

    Any ANASTASIA fans in the room I have been DYING to share this news with everyone ROMANOV will be another historical fantasy standalone And now that I m squealing, I m at risk of revealing spoilers BECAUSE I M THAT EXCITED For those who want a teensy info ...

  2. MischaS_ says:

    Advance Review Copy generously provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Romanov family fascinates people for a century Well, their end does And I was curious what Nadine Brandes would do with the story And mainly how she s going to end the story, that s what I m always curious to see I believe that the book had great potential However, it seems a bit like a miss Like the story is always the one note away for me to really enjoy But it s still an enjoyable read, and I think that you won t be disappointed reading this Roughly the first 60% follow the Romanov family from Tobolsk to Ekateringburg Here, it seems very precise The author then said that she did a lot of research However, it seemed like she mainly used the Wikipedia article about the Execution of the Romanov family There are some sentences that seem very similar Or they might have the same source No judgement, only stating my subjective feeling.However, the result is that it seems a bit textbook said from the ...

  3. emma says:

    well, i started using tbr should fear me.

  4. jessica says:

    like many girls born in the 90s who begged their parents to take them to see the groundbreaking film anastasia in theatres, i too have fostered a lifelong obsession with all things romanov i would never claim to be an expert on russian history or the imperial family, but i have read loads of books about the subject and because of that, i have a lot of thoughts about this novel so bear with me first, i think this a good novel for anyone looking to dip a little toe into the romanov family pool this does a decent job at describing the conditions and routine of the family whilst they were in exile in ekaterinburg i can tell that brandes did some research and i like how she presents the difficult circumstances in a really approachable albeit simple way for the reader however, this glimpse into their life, all the way up until the night of the murders, takes up a good 2 3 of the novel like i said, ive read many books about the romanov family and i was excited to pick up this retelling because of the promise of magic spells what a neat twist on history but until the fantasy element even comes into play until the last 100 pages or so, this just feels like ...

  5. C.G. Drews says:

    This was definitely the type of Anastasia retelling I have been waiting for I already knew I d love this book before I picked it up, I mean pfft have u seen Fawkes which is a magical Guy Fawkes retelling that exploded into my life and I am still thinking about a year later Exactly Nadine Brandes does the best HF retellingsbut adds in magic and heartbreak and endings that cut deep, but also aren t hopeless I love that balance Love it PLOT If you know the history of the Romanovs, then you knowthis isn t a light quirky story ok It gut wrenching It picks up when the Romanov family are in exile, banished to a house where they need permission to even open a window It s basically a waiting game, while they re promised a fair trail, but they re dreading being executed So the plot isn t an action adventurewe feel trapped and stagnate with Nastya We feel the dread and the thin hope as maaaaybe the White Army will save them I would ve liked to have seen them in their palace life though I wanna prequel MAGIC ok something I love about Brandes novels is how she weaves magic in so flawlessly you kind of forgethistorydidn t have magic It s incredible We have spell ink here, so you can learn the words and write the spells and they sink into your skin And isn t that an awesome magic system 10 10 With Rasputin dead, Nastya is ...

  6. Vibur says:

    I liked Romanov Really, I did But The setting was ho hum What should be descriptions of places were instead inconsequential, uninspired snippets of text Sure, there was the whole house arrest shebang, so it d be unfair of me to fault the setting for being as claustrophobic as it was, but I can fault the writing for being bland and undescriptive after two hundred pages, I should have a better sketch out of the house than just the fact that there was, uh, a couple of rooms Oh, and stairs Which brings me to the feeble worldbuilding.So much wasted potential and it s just So Frustrating For the most part, the worldbuilding was lost in a sea of vague, confusing information, and on top of that, there was nothing to anchor the details to anyplace specific or in this case, to twentieth century Russia Not to mention, I am so, so cheesed off I mean, seeing as how the Russian Revolution was happening at the protagonist s literal doorstep, I was hoping that at some point, I d read something about hmm, an actual revolution But nope, nada Moving on Then there was the plot which, to be honest, felt like two mismatched halves than a whole Alright, so I did like the slowness of the first hal...

  7. Zainab says:

    I don t understand why none of y all are reading this book at this very moment Honestly just drop whatever you re reading because I assure you it s not half as good as this book.I m sure most of you are familiar with the children version of Anastasia I don t really care for it because I find the true story much better Please look it up if you don t know Anyway, this is a retelling of Anastasia as if it wasn t clear It involves spells and stuff and feels like a better nicer version of the actual story Sure the dark parts ...

  8. Katie Hanna says:

    DNF Please do not mistake the lengthy ramblings below for I read the whole book and here are my thoughts, but rather, I decided not to continue and here s why deep breath cracks knuckles Romanov is a historical fantasy novel starring 16 year old Anastasia Nikolaevna, daughter of the last Tsar of Russia We learn within the first few pages that Anastasia, or Nastya, aspires to become a Russian spell master i.e., practitioner of an ancient brand of magic that lets you speak special words thereby receive powerful favors We also learn that Nastya s teacher mentor in the basics of this art was none other than Grigori Rasputin There s a lot to unpack there, so let s start from the beginning First off, this type of spell magic is the exact same thing that got so many Christians so upset about Harry Potter Now, for the record, I don t have a problem with HP mainly because HP to my mind is clearly not intended as a representation of our real world Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I do think spells like these become a lot shall we say Murky when they re introduced into a real world, historical setting like the Russian revolution and when they involve real, historical practitioners of black magic like my man Rasputin over here.Because that s who Rasputin WAS You can t get around that part of his reputation And you definitely can t convince me that his historical ...

  9. Tucker says:

    Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Books for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review No one can out shout a revolution If the Romanov family lived in the Harry Potter world, it would be this book Inspiring, beautiful and captivating, I could not have loved this book Now, I know that not a ton of people enjoyed this book which honestly doesn t make much sense to me I mean, what s not to like No, wait Don t answer that So, what s this book about Romanov follows Anastasia and her family who are under house arrest They are doing their best to escape their captivity But when they try, they are shot to death Or are they Using magic, Anastasia and her friends escape And now they must stop their captors, the Bolsheviks Anastia I opened my mouth to protest How I loved protesting As you can see, Anastasia is rebellious, which I obviously loved But aside from that fact that she s willing to fight for herself, Anastasia is also kind and caring Throughout the book, she is constantly putting herself aside to protect her brother and family which is nothing short of inspiring Zash Broken and afraid, Zash is that character that you just want to hug He is afraid that his family will get hurt and to protect them and himself, he joins the Bolshevik ...

  10. Erin says:

    Hi, my name is Erin I have been under the spell of books since I first met Anne Shirley at age 7 Some stories periods of time I will return to again and again I am not here to recover, I just attend to get recommendations and eat these cookies This historical fiction fantasy standalone takes readers to Russia in 1918 where Tsar Nicholas and his family are being imprisoned by the Bolsheviks One hundred and one years later, the tragedy of Russia s royal family still captivates many, including this particular reader I liked Romanov but I didn t love it The story is told through the eyes of youngest daughter, Anastasia Natsya Romanov Imprisoned with her parents Nicholas and Alexandra, sisters Olga, Tatiana, and Maria and brother Alexei, Anastasia brings to life the families last months of life Rich in historical detail, what has been passed down about the Romanov s and their guards is all there on paper Nadine Brandes adds some dark magic and spells to push her narrative a little farther in scope Now I have read previous books that discuss alternative history from Anastasia, Maria, and Tatiana s point of view and how they escape from their tragic fate Aside from the magic that is new, I felt there was a lot of sameness in this book The romances with guards, the Rasputin subplot, and the pr...

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