StepsisterPDF Epub Stepsister Author Jennifer Donnelly Isabelle Should Be Blissfully Happy She S About To Win The Handsome Prince Except Isabelle Isn T The Beautiful Girl Who Lost The Glass Slipper And Captured The Prince S Heart She S The Ugly Stepsister Who S Cut Off Her Toes To Fit Into Cinderella S Shoe Which Is Now Filling With Blood.When The Prince Discovers Isabelle S Deception, She Is Turned Away In Shame It S No Than She Deserves She Is A Plain Girl In A World That Values Beauty A Feisty Girl In A World That Wants Her To Be Pliant.Isabelle Has Tried To Fit In To Live Up To Her Mother S Expectations To Be Like Her Stepsister To Be Sweet To Be Pretty One By One, She Has Cut Away Pieces Of Herself In Order To Survive A World That Doesn T Appreciate A Girl Like Her And That Has Made Her Mean, Jealous, And Hollow.Until She Gets A Chance To Alter Her Destiny And Prove What Ugly Stepsisters Have Always Known It Takes Than Heartache To Break A Girl.


Free ↠ Stepsister By Jennifer Donnelly –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Stepsister
  • Jennifer Donnelly
  • English
  • 16 February 2018
  • 9781338268461

10 thoughts on “Stepsister

  1. Emily May says:

    Everyone said a girl with a strong will would come to a bad end Everyone said a girl s will must be bent to the wishes of those who know what s best for her.Isabelle was young, only sixteen she had not yet learned that Everyone is a fool. First off, I want to say I really enjoyed this book There are so many good things I want to say about it and will , but I also think I have to admit that for the first 25% I thought I was going to love it than I did The opening is very strong, the writing is gorgeous and highly quotable, and it s got that beautifully eerie dark fairy tale vibe going on I was thinking an easy five stars History books say that kings and dukes and generals start wars Don t believe it We start them, you and I Every time we turn away, keep quiet, stay out of it, behave ourselves. True to the Grimm brothers version of Cinderella, the book opens at the end of the tale we know with the stepsisters mutilating their own feet to attempt to fit the glass slipper Of course, this doesn t work out, and Ella and her prince get their happy ending anyway Here, that s only the beginning Isabelle and Tavi are left behind with their overbearing mother Isabelle, especially, is overcome with bitterness She s angry at a world that renders a woman worthless if she is not deemed beautiful.Donnelly doesn t stop with something that simplistic, though Al...

  2. Chaima ✨ شيماء says:

    This book is a bold, subversive and startingly original reclamation of one of literature s most reviled women which, by recasting Cinderella s evil stepsister as a hero in her own right, illuminates a known story from a new evolving and multifaceted perspective while eking out depth and redemption and seamlessly grafting concepts of self discovery and identity to an unrepentant celebration of kindness, courage and forgiveness Me, completely imm...

  3. Lola says:

    This is not a pretty fairytale The story isn t pretty The world isn t pretty The characters aren t pretty Even the magic isn t pretty.It s not a story that will make you dream a thousand beautiful dreams of happily ever afters I m not saying the contrary applies that it will give you a thousand nightmares in which you die a thousand different deaths but it is indeed DARK.I liked it a lot I believe the world and the stories in it do not need to be one thing only They can be good and evil, beautiful and ugly, hopeful and fatal That s how people are, aren t they You want to believe that someone is all good or all evil because it ll be easier to predict their reactions and judge whether they are right for us or not.But that s called being one dimensional You don t want one dimensional people in your life, do you And you don t want to read about one dimensional characters either, right No one in this story is just one thing In the beginning it may seem that way Cinderella is purely good, Isabelle is pathetically subdued, the stepmother is absolutely evil but that s exactly why the author has written this story To change all of that.It is a well developed feminist retelling It s a powerful and surprising story that asks to be read carefully instead of rushed through to get to the ending The ending is not at all the most...

  4. Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    5 ugliest, wittiest, fantastic, anti fairy tale, bravest ,strongest, applause to the strength of women, Hell yeah stars Retellings crash into art of war doctrines, feminism thesis and here s an amazing, smartly written fantasy book You never thought that you could love this new version of Cinderella story You already knew the old version of fairy tale before Grimm Brothers rule the stories with their honest reality, the beautiful ones are always kind, good hearted, vulnerable and their faces and appearances are reflections of their genuine hearts They always get the prince and their HEA Blah blah blah So being ugly is equal to being cruel, mean, evil and loser of the stories What if all the equations could change and beauty would not be the only requirement to get your happy ending What about being brave, smart, hard worker, intelligent, sophisticated, determined, skillful, creative, charismatic, game changer and help you turn into a real leader Isabelle and Tavi are ugly sisters who tried to ruin Ella s life and now they were punished, abandoned and abused, harassed by their own town people Are the biased people who judge them because of their appearance uglier or our misled daughters who only obeyed what their Maman t...

  5. Charlotte May says:

    Did not realise this was written by the same author who wrote

  6. Jasmine from How Useful It Is says:

    I started reading Stepsister on 4 19 2019 and finished it on 4 23 2019 This fairy tale retelling is an excellent read I like that it started out with the Cinderella story and expanded further after Cinderella went off to her happily ever after I love that this story focus on the stepsister s perspectives of how it all went I love that the stepsisters are portrayed as intelligent and brave, tomboy than girly There are many types of girls and this book hit straight on the nail s head by including girls who likes to study and girls who likes to do boys stuffs such as playing with swords and strong willed to speak her mind as compared to girls who wear silk dresses and readily agreeable even when she doesn t want to Many readers can easily relate to Isabelle because she often feel unsure of herself when she has and still feel unhappy than those who has less.This book is told in the third person point of view following Isabelle, 16 as she does what her mom wants, to cut off a few of her toes so that her foot can fit into the glass slipper that the ...

  7. Mischenko says:

    3.5 4 stars RTC

  8. Sara (sarawithoutanH) says:

    Guys, you can tell I liked this book because I wrote a legit review Just call me meltotheany jk don t do that, my reviews would be a disgrace to her name Believe that you can make your way Or don t Either way, you are right Y ALL ARE SLEEPING ON THIS BOOK This seriously might be a new favorite of mine It reminded me a lot of Ella Enchanted it could be because they re both Cinderella retellings, but it s also because they both have deeper messages and generate a feeling of warmth in me I m not huge into fairytale retellings, but this one was so special and unique This takes place after Ella leaves for her happily ever after and follows one of the ugly stepsisters, specifically the one who cut off her toes in an attempt to fit into the glass slipper The story begins immediately after the ugly stepsisters fraudulent attempts to win the prince After Ella becomes queen, everyone in their town turns against them The sisters, Isabelle and Tavi, are harassed relentlessly for their actions A constant theme in this book is internal and external ugliness Who is worse the sisters who acted out of shameful jealousy or the people who judge them on looks alone Here are the things girls die of hunger, disease, accidents, childbirth, and violence It takes than heartache to kill a girl Girls are tough as rocks Isabelle is our lead and her character development is just chef s kiss so good She is That Bi...

  9. Phoebe Jeziel says:

    Kind of want to read this, but am simutaniously annoyed at how this story is being marketed as if Cinderella wasn t feminist to begin with My homegirl survived an abusive household, became queen, snagged herself someone who truly loves her and showed that beauty was alw...

  10. Cortney LaScola - The Bookworm, Myrtle Beach says:

    It took me a little while to get into it, but I LOVED THIS BOOK The message is so important, so relevant, and it had me in tears than once The author did such a wonderful job making the point that not every girl is the same, and we shouldn t all JUST want to be liked and pretty we re so much than that This sen...

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