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Mistress of the Ritz Reading Mistress Of The Ritz Author Melanie Benjamin Escortkibris724.live A Captivating Novel Based On The Story Of The Extraordinary Real Life American Woman Who Secretly Worked For The French Resistance During World War II While Playing Hostess To The Invading Germans At The Iconic Hotel Ritz In Paris From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Aviator S Wife And The Swans Of Fifth Avenue Nothing Bad Can Happen At The Ritz Inside Its Gilded Walls Every Woman Looks Beautiful, Every Man Appears Witty Favored Guests Like Ernest Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, Coco Chanel, And The Duke And Duchess Of Windsor Walk Through Its Famous Doors To Be Welcomed And Pampered By Blanche Auzello And Her Husband, Claude, The Hotel S Director The Auzellos Are The Mistress And Master Of The Ritz, Allowing The Glamour And Glitz To Take Their Minds Off Their Troubled Marriage, And Off The Secrets That They Keep From Their Guests And Each Other.Until June 1940, When The German Army Sweeps Into Paris, Setting Up Headquarters At The Ritz Suddenly, With The Likes Of Hermann Goring Moving Into Suites Once Occupied By Royalty, Blanche And Claude Must Navigate A Terrifying New Reality One That Entails Even Secrets One That May Destroy The Tempestuous Marriage Between This Beautiful, Reckless American And Her Very Proper Frenchman For The Falsehoods They Tell To Survive, And To Strike A Blow Against Their Nazi Guests, Spin A Web Of Deceit That Ensnares Everything And Everyone They Cherish.But One Secret Is Shared Between Blanche And Claude Alone The Secret That, In The End, Threatens To Imperil Both Of Their Lives, And To Bring Down The Legendary Ritz Itself.Based On True Events, Mistress Of The Ritz Is A Taut Tale Of Suspense Wrapped Up In A Love Story For The Ages, The Inspiring Story Of A Woman And A Man Who Discover The Best In Each Other Amid The Turbulence Of War.

Melanie Benjamin is the author of the New York Times bestselling novels THE SWANS OF FIFTH AVENUE and THE AVIATOR S WIFE, as well as the national bestseller ALICE I HAVE BEEN, and THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MRS TOM THUMB and THE GIRLS IN THE PICTURE MISTRESS OF THE RITZ, a captivating novel based on the story of the extraordinary real life American woman who secretly worked for the French Resistance d

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  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Mistress of the Ritz
  • Melanie Benjamin
  • English
  • 08 September 2019
  • 9780399182242

10 thoughts on “Mistress of the Ritz

  1. Debra says:

    4.5 stars How can you recognize a Semite Throw her in the back of a Nazi truck with her hands tied too tightly behind her back, and point a German gun at her head Ahh, the Ritz A grand and glamorous hotel which hosts Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, and F Scott Fitzgerald to name a few It is the place to see and be seen It is where Blanche Auzello, who is American, and her French Husband and Hotel Director, Claude Auzello live They use the glamour of the Ritz to mask the trouble in their marriage Then in June 1940, the German Army sweeps into Paris and uses the Ritz and other hotels to set up their headquarters Their safe haven from the world and their troubled marriage, is not so safe any Both have secrets, both live secret lives which they live while trying to walk a fine line between keeping their guests happy and their staff alive.The books begins with the couple meeting and showcases the issues in their marriage, their cultural issues and through the use of differing POV, chapters, the reader is given each character s inner thoughts, motivations and secrets Some have found the beginning to be slow, but I actually enjoyed the pace I appreciated how the Author took her time introducing each character and their marital issues I thought this was nicely done to show how they grew to keep secrets, had misconcep...

  2. Tammy says:

    When the Nazi s occupied Paris the Luftwaffe including Hermann Goering took over half of the Ritz as their headquarters The other half was inhabited by civilians among them Coco Chanel The director of the hotel Frenchman Claude Auzello and his American wife Blanche are forced to continue to operate the hotel to the usual stellar standards in order to survive Based on a true story that is mostly unknown, Mistress of the Ritz fictionalizes the marriage and resistance work undertaken by the couple I found the second half of the novel to be compelling than the first half where the Auzello s argumentative marriage is displayed to the nth degree I got it They had a troubled marriage Although the ...

  3. Lindsay - Traveling Sister says:

    4.5 stars A mesmerizing and atmospheric tale centered around the Hotel Ritz in Paris during WWII.Claude Auzello is the director of the Hotel Ritz where he and his wife, Blanche, reside They have a tumultuous relationship, Blanche constantly feeling Claude s attention is focused on everything but her Blanche spends her days mingling with the glamourous guests who visit the hotel, while Claude caters to his guests every whim Never a dull moment within the walls of the hotel, Blanche takes it all in, most of her days ending in a drunken state while seated at the hotel bar As the war progresses, German soldiers move into Paris, setting up their headquarters at the Ritz Claude patiently serves these army men, all the while terrified for what will come from this war.I loved this story Claude and Blanche were fascinating and endearing characters I felt for them and was invested in their marriage and their decisions on how to handle their wartime situation The Ritz was one of my favourite characters The author, Melanie Benjamin, does a phenomenal job creating a vivid and luxurious atmosphere which made me feel that I was truly witnessing the glitz and glamour nestled within the richly decorated walls of the hotel I...

  4. Norma * Traveling Sister says:

    Captivating, affecting, illuminating MISTRESS OF THE RITZ by MELANIE BENJAMIN is an engaging, suspenseful, and hauntingly beautiful historical fiction novel that totally captures something extraordinary here as well as fully capturing my heart I was immediately taken with this story and found myself totally mesmerized and in awe of MELANIE BENJAMIN S ability to weave such a fantastic story that is based on real life people and actual historical events with her own liberties of juicy fictional storytelling MELANIE BENJAMIN delivers a vividly descriptive, interesting, and well written read here with characters and a setting that totally captivated and intrigued me I was totally taken and fascinated with both Claude and Blanche s dynamic relationship as well as with their lives spent in the highly acclaimed Hotel Ritz in Paris I was thoroughly entertained and enjoyed how this story unfolded right from the very beginning And I was totally wrapped up in this couple s relationship and loved the suspense of the unraveling of the secrets and lies This was a Traveling Sisters Read Norma s Stats Cover Lovely, intriguing, majestic, eye cat...

  5. Liz says:

    I expect three things from historical fiction A good story The ability to paint a picture so true I feel immersed in the time and place To learn something I previously didn t know The Mistress of the Ritz manages all three Based on true events, the Auzellos are the master and mistress of the Ritz , he the manager of the famous hotel The story gives us their history from their tempestuous beginning through their 17 years of marriage when the Nazis arrive in Paris and take over the hotel And from there, things get even intense Blanche is headstrong, independent and hiding secrets from everyone including her husband Claude is shocked to learn his wife has the vocabulary of a dockworker It takes him quite a while to cotton to the differences between French and American sensibilities It took me a while to warm to this book I was worried at the beginning it would be too much romance, not enough history It tackles some interesting issues, especially when Blanche struggles with liking some of the ordinary German soldiers that work at the Ritz Or when Claude struggles to maintain his cool when being forced to kowtow to the Nazis, all the while with his own secrets Benjamin takes her time but then weaves enough historical facts into the story to win me over as to the third item on my...

  6. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Oh, how I love love love a Melanie Benjamin book I m sure many of us knew that the Nazis claimed hotels in their occupied areas, but have you heard about the Auzellos The Ritz is a glorious hotel in France where the rich and famous stay Blanche, an American, and Claude Auzello, her French husband, have welcomed into their hotel the likes of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Chanel Their busy work lives keep them from facing their challenging marriage In June 1940, the Nazis arrive in Paris, and of all places, they set up their headquarters at the Ritz Now living amongst top Nazi officials, the Auzellos marriage is in trouble than ever You see, Blanche joins the French Resistance while living in the lions den Will Blanche, Claude, their marriage, and the Ritz survive the war Mistress of the Ritz is edgy and suspenseful from the start Even though I was vaguely familiar with the Ritz being a headquarters for the Nazis, I did not know the Auzellos, and their characters and storyline captivated me To think their marriage was troubled, and not only a war, but a complete takeover of their hotel by the Nazis brought them closer together I was completely immersed in the setting, especially on site at the Ritz I could feel ...

  7. Dorie - Traveling Sister :) says:

    This novel takes place during the Nazi s occupation of Paris I was quite aware of this part of history but this book talks pretty specifically about the Ritz It s a very interesting piece of history which is inspired by true events Quoting the author So I would say that Mistress of the Ritz than any of my other novels, is inspired by a true story and real people, rather than based on them With so few details to go on and so few true glimpses into Blanche and Claude s characters, my imagination was given free reign The first half of the book is pretty much devoted to Claude and Blanche s marriage and how different American and French men are I found that while some of this back and forth between the two was interesting and even humorous at times, I think too much of the book was devoted to this While reading on and on I wondered how in the world these two could really relate to each other According to the book they did spend a lot of their time apart, having different schedules and at times different suites Because truly, they had no idea what to do with each other af...

  8. JanB says:

    Ah, the Ritz Paris Doesn t it bring to mind glitz, glamour and opulence The iconic hotel is as much a character in this book as are Claude and Blanche Auzello, the hotel director and his American born wife In the pre WWII years, the hotel was in its glory and the Ritz was a symbol of the finest in luxury and elegance.The book opens in 1923 when Blanche and Claude meet, and they eventually marry Blanche is an American born flapper, headstrong and independent, while Claude is a traditional Frenchman who likes to not only be in charge of the hotel, but of his wife as well The cultural differences caused the two to lock horns, often in amusing ways But both shared a love for the beloved hotel and they reveled in rubbing elbows with the rich and famous who crossed its threshold, among them, Ernest Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Coco Chanel, who maintained an apartment there for many years.The first part of the book focuses on the hotel itself, the couple s marriage, and their experiences running...

  9. Theresa Alan says:

    American Blanche falls for Frenchman Claude After a brief, dizzying, whirlwind romance, they marry The bliss quickly turns to petty fights, in part because of their different cultural upbringings However, they both enjoy the glitz of the Ritz in Paris, where Claude is the hotel s director They revel in hobnobbing with the likes of Hemingway and Coco Chanel and F Scott Fitzgerald But when Nazi s take over the hotel during World War II, Claude has keep his disdain and anger toward them to himself, while Blanche acts out, but subtly It shouldn t surprise me that Germans would take over the fancy hotels wherever they wanted, but this was not a story that I d heard before the true story of this married couple I d never heard of For fans of historical fiction,...

  10. Brenda - Traveling Sister says:

    4.5 StarsI read Mistress of the Ritz with a few of our Traveling Sisters and we all really enjoyed this one with us having similar thoughts on it An extraordinary real life American woman, a proper Frenchman and a glamorous Iconic hotelMistress of The Ritz explores the lives of brash and reckless real life Blanche and proud Claude Auzello The Mistress and Master of the Ritz The story starts off slow and it s all about the characters here The story delves into their marriage where secrets and lies threaten their marriage along with The Hotel Ritz in Paris The real life people and events are the inspiration of this story and Melanie Benjamin skillfully weaves them into the story well giving her own fictional account to the story and characters She brings vibrant life to the Ritz and what it must have been like hosting the German s in this beloved hotel.The second half takes off and I flew through the pages as fast as I could as we see the secrets and lies unfold I was completing captivated by Blanche and Claude as they learn the truth about each other My...

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