The Unhoneymooners

The Unhoneymooners PDF Epub The Unhoneymooners Christina Lauren Olive Is Always Unlucky In Her Career, In Love, In Well, Everything Her Identical Twin Sister Ami, On The Other Hand, Is Probably The Luckiest Person In The World Her Meet Cute With Her Fianc Is Something Out Of A Romantic Comedy Gag And She S Managed To Finance Her Entire Wedding By Winning A Series Of Internet Contests Double Gag Worst Of All, She S Forcing Olive To Spend The Day With Her Sworn Enemy, Ethan, Who Just Happens To Be The Best Man.Olive Braces Herself To Get Through 24 Hours Of Wedding Hell Before She Can Return To Her Comfortable, Unlucky Life But When The Entire Wedding Party Gets Food Poisoning From Eating Bad Shellfish, The Only People Who Aren T Affected Are Olive And Ethan And Now There S An All Expenses Paid Honeymoon In Hawaii Up For Grabs.Putting Their Mutual Hatred Aside For The Sake Of A Free Vacation, Olive And Ethan Head For Paradise, Determined To Avoid Each Other At All Costs But When Olive Runs Into Her Future Boss, The Little White Lie She Tells Him Is Suddenly At Risk To Become A Whole Lot Bigger She And Ethan Now Have To Pretend To Be Loving Newlyweds, And Her Luck Seems Worse Than Ever But The Weird Thing Is That She Doesn T Mind Playing Pretend In Fact, She Feels Kind Of Lucky.

Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long time writing partners besties soulmates brain twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction, and together has produced fourteen New York Times bestselling novels Their books have been translated into 30 languages Some of these books have kissing Some of these books have A LOT of kissing.

Free ↠ The Unhoneymooners  By Christina Lauren –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Unhoneymooners
  • Christina Lauren
  • English
  • 18 January 2019
  • 9781501128035

10 thoughts on “The Unhoneymooners

  1. Chaima ✨ شيماء says:

    me, normally the concept of romantic love is nothing but a marketing scheme for greeting card companies, a lie sold by the government, a me, after reading this book through an oversized megaphone CAN SOME ROMANTIC SHIT HAPPEN TO ME ALREADY DAMN

  2. Emily May says:

    I can treat this trip like an actual vacation on a tropical island.Yes, it s with my nemesis, but still, I ll take it. Guys, I don t think it s working out I m trying so hard to get on the Christina Lauren fanwagon, but there are just lots of little things that aren t floating my boat The Unhoneymooners is not bad at all It s quite funny and enjoyable for the most part, actually It s just well, I ll start with the first thing I noticed This is only the second Christina Lauren book I have tried, with the other being Josh and Hazel s Guide to Not Dating, and yet right away I realized that the characters were virtually identical Both Olive and Hazel are klutzy, embarrassing heroines who don t know when to stop talking, each with notably amazing boobs Ethan and Josh are both aloof, cynical guys who supposedly view their respective heroines with disdain until they, um, don t any And they are both I m quoting here boob men curious does this boob thing come up in all their books.Boob joking aside, Olive and Ethan could just as easily be Josh and Hazel They read like the same couple Also, I see a lot of reviewers talking about this promised enemies to lovers romance, but I m just not that convinced I am a sucker for the love hate relationship thing, I ll be honest I don t know why Add it to my list of issues But whether it s Jardan or Spuffy or the good old Fitzbeth, I m all for a bit of I hate you, let s fuck angst Olive an...

  3. Jennifer says:

    A humorous enemies turn lovers romance fills out the first half of The Unhoneymooners It s engaging, funny, and sexy But the co written aspect of this novel makes itself known as the storyline morphs into a dramatic second half with several climaxes related to career, trust, family, and relationships In my opinion, this reading experience felt like two different books were placed under the same cover, and I quite liked the fun one However, overall, The Unhoneymooners is indeed enjoyable and will surely satisfy Christina and Lauren s many fans...

  4. Melanie says:

    ARC provided by Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review. That s the point of luck it happens when and where it happens This is my favorite Christina Lauren book since Roomies I ll be honest, I wasn t too in love with Josh and Hazel s Guide to Not Dating or My Favorite Half Night Stand, but this felt like the famous duo was back and resecured that special place in my swoon worthy romance heart This was so funny, this was so heartwarming, and since I m leaving in a few weeks for Hawaii, the setting was pretty perfect for me, too This is a hate to love, enemies to lovers, fake dating romance that features two characters who are forced to be around each other because their siblings are marrying each other Olive Torres Biracial white and Mexican , twin of the bride, has been unlucky her entire life Ethan Thomas Brother of the groom, and Olive s archnemesis I want to say something sassy, but the only coherent thought that comes to mind is how insulting it is that eyelashes like his were wasted on Satan s Errand Boy, so I just give a perfunctory nod and turn down the hall And these two had a very rocky, and very confusing, first meeting But they are trying their best to put their differences aside for this wedding, even if they are antagonizing each other every single chance they get But the wedding takes an unexpected turn when everyone gets sick from the seafood buffet that was served, except for Olive and Ethan, since neither ...

  5. Melissa says:

    3.5 stars There s no getting around it, so I m just going to get it over with and put it out there The Unhoneymooners is not my favorite of the dynamic duo s rom coms Truth be told, this is the only Christina Lauren to date that has earned less than four stars from this reader And believe me, as someone who s been a longtime fan of their work, it would be so much easier to gloss over the things that bothered me, as opposed to confessing this didn t work for me in its entirety, but it is what it is So, hear me out Or not Your choice.Was the journey fun and light For sure.Were the coauthors successful in pulling out the laughs You bet.Even importantly, were there swoon worthy moments capable of rousing my inner giddy and giggly gal Of course.Was it up to snuff with some of the duo s other novels Nope.This time around, Christina Lauren brings readers to the Twin Cities for a wedding paid for entirely with sweepstakes and giveaways wins In hindsight, maybe partaking in a free seafood buffet isn t the best idea Food poisoning, anyone How about everyone Well, excep...

  6. Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ says:

    It sounds dangerous This makes him laugh Dangerous, like we d end up either naked or dead This was such a cute rom com filled with glorious belly aching laugh out loud moments I finished it in one sitting, and the pages just flew by It really does play out like a movie, and you can practically see it on the widescreen while you are reading Completely a feel good book with all the fluffy romance and sexy tidbits you d want in one _______________ The Story The Unhoneymooners follows Olive Torres during a honeymoon that she goes on falsely identifying as her twin sister Ami, who just got married After a bad case of food poisoning at Ami s wedding, the only two unaffected people are Olive and Ami s husbands brother, Ethan Ethan and Olive have supposedly hated each other from the moment they met each other, so they both agree to disagree and go on the honeymoon together What starts as a fake marriage and an excuse for a free holiday soon turns into many misadventures, misencounters and misunderstandings Soon, Olive and Ethan start to...

  7. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    4.5 stars This is my new favorite Christina Lauren book I m OBSESSED I do wish the plus size rep had been a little definitive But other than that I ate this UP If you re looking for something to fill in the Hating Game sized, ...

  8. Chelsea Humphrey says:

    When I signed up for this honeymoon, I had no idea it would involve so much nudity Raise your glass to another winner from Christina Lauren clink This writing duo features my go to gals when it comes to romantic comedies Seriously, I can t remember the last time an author consistently made me chortle so hard or forced me to sustain multiple gut busters in a row Last time I checked, we could all use a few good vibes all over the world, and if you re looking for another feel good time, this is your stop Get off the TBR bus right now hurry or you ll miss it I immediately connected with Olive and her plight to fight the system that forces prejudice against the curvy girl Seriously, a female lead who not only inhales cheese curds at the fair and makes no apologies for it, but also holds anyone accountable who tries to fat shame her This girl is my hero Olive and Ethan are the unlikeliest couple ever, which means of course they have to get together, because this is my all time favorite trope Let s give a standing ovation for the enemies to lovers plot Ethan is a seemingly OCD stuffy know it all, who honestly came off as a standard dick in the beginning But Chelsea, isn t there some underlying reason why he s coming across as such a shallow turd munch...

  9. Christy says:

    4.5 stars I expected this book to be a fun filled enemies to lovers story, and it completely met my expectations This was a blast to read I love the way Christina Lauren writes their stories, and this one had me smiling from ear to ear Olive Torres is an identical twin Although they look just alike, her sister Ami is her opposite in so many ways Ami is the lucky one And Olive, well she has no luck at all Whereas Ami is a four leaf clover, I have always been unlucky Ami is getting married and being the overachiever that she is, she s devised a plan along with a lot of luck to get her wedding paid for And it works out for her So here is Olive, in a hideous bridesmaid dress having to tolerate her sworn enemy, the grooms brother, Ethan It s not her best day But maybe her luck is beginning to change I mean, her allergy to shellfish saves her from the serious food poising almost every person at the wedding gets Ami is so ill she can t go on her own honeymoon And since it s a non refundable free trip, she insists Olive pretends to be her and goes in her place Ethan, who also missed the food poising due to his aversion to buffets is invited to go as well So here Olive is With Ethan On an romantic, exclusive get away You can...

  10. (Bern) Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas says:

    Loved this sexy, sweet and snarky book It s the perfect escape read Admittedly I m a Christina Lauren fan I d been looking forward to this book with its Hispanic representation and it didn t disappoint Curvy women, laugh out loud hilarious family members and the amazing, never let you down extended family that is as close if not closer as the one living under your roof It reminded me so much of my family growing up everyone knowing each other s business, constantly making fun of each other and above all else, having each other s back no matter what It took me a bit to get into the book initially which surprised me I wasn t as into the first part detailing the wedding Olive s twin sister Ami is getting married and everything is supposed to be perfect Ami seems to have it all perfect luck, perfect life, perfect love Olive on the other hand seems to have the worst luck she lost her job, her roommate and her apartment Things start to look up for Olive and me as the reader when she and the best man, Ethan are the only two guests left standing after food poisoning ravages everyone at the wedding Ami persuad...

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