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The Nanny[PDF / Epub] ☄ The Nanny ✓ Gilly Macmillan – The tension is simmering The lies are piling up Who do you trust 'With its buried secrets shifting allegiances and creeping sense of dread The Nanny pulses with tension until its shocking conclusion I The tension is simmering The lies are piling up Who do you trust 'With its buried secrets shifting allegiances and creeping sense of dread The Nanny pulses with tension until its shocking conclusion I absolutely loved it' SHARI LAPENASeven year old Jocelyn loves her nanny than her own motherWhen her nanny disappears one night Jo never gets over the lossHow could she vanish without saying goodbyeThirty years on Jo is forced to return to her family home and confront her troubled relationship with her mother When human remains are discovered in the grounds of the house Jo begins to uestion everythingThen an unexpected visitor knocks at the door and Jo’s world is destroyed again as one by one she discovers her childhood memories aren’t what they seemedWhat secrets was her nanny hiding – and what was she running away from And can Jo trust what her mother tells herSometimes the truth hurts so much you’d rather hear the lieJust like Jocelyn readers love The Nanny.

Gilly Macmillan is the New York Times Sunday Times bestselling author of TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH THE NANNY WHAT SHE KNEW previously published as BURNT PAPER SKY in some territories THE PERFECT GIRL ODD CHILD OUT I KNOW YOU KNOW Gilly is Edgar Award nominated and an ITW award finalist Her books have been translated into over languagesShe grew up in Swindon Wiltshire and also lived in.

Hardcover  ☆ The Nanny PDF ✓
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • The Nanny
  • Gilly Macmillan
  • English
  • 11 June 2016
  • 9780062875556

10 thoughts on “The Nanny

  1. Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    What a surprising slow burn thriller with unlikable but somehow appreciable characters if you handle a little batshit craziness and sociopathic tendencies they were all right gripping reading making you captive and forcing you brainstorming about what’s going to happen next and then sucker punching you at unforeseeable second with a great revelation BAM Yes giving my four stars and throwing my teuila shot against my mouth This time Chardonnay is too light to absorb this kind of thriller book trust me OMG what’s the thriller authors’ problem with those nannies? If books are going to be written and released about them I’m afraid most of them will be sacked and all the mothers will be depressed with crying kids throwing at them at the supermarkets’ floors for their mothers’ insensitivity about buying wrong cereals I personally started to be afraid of them and this book completely wiped away entertaining Fran Drescher’s “Nanny” performance on my mind Okay I’m taking this back because she was also scary when she performed her signature donkey laughter And Mary Poppins turned into a villanelle by brainwashing those innocent kids with fairytales and illusionsI think she may have mixed kids’ food with hallucinogens and turned them into cult members See how this book affected me to create darker retelling of Mary Poppins on my mind This book is centered between three women and a little girl All two husbands had already gone to heaven or somewhere else Jocelyn’s father gives us bad vibes and impression of a naughty boyJocelyn loses her husband at the tragic traffic accident and her financial problems forced her to move back to the UK with her ten year old girl Ruby to live with her estranged mother Virginia Jo had a troubled relationship with her mother who never showed any affection to her when she was a little child and still blamed her about the sudden leaving of her beloved nanny Hannah She gets agitated to her own daughter for her affection about her grandmother She wants to move from the house to start a new life but financially she can’t handle it so she feels trapped in this mansion with her ugly but somewhat blurry childhood memories Virginia seems like a shady notorious but also clever sarcastic character and Jocelyn’s decisiveness and vagueness about her own past made me think she is not the evil as she’s being told Then one day A SKULL IS UNCOVERED IN THE LAKE SIDE OF THE ESTATE Does it belong to beloved Hannah who had disappeared years ago? But SURPRISE HANNAH is back and she is so keen to be at Jocelyn’s service to take care of little Ruby But does she really the person she admitted? Well according to Virginia it’s a little tricky because she might have dropped her dead body at the lake years agoSo who is the real evil? Who is the biggest liar? Had the nanny resurrected or is she a doppelganger? What Virginia is hiding from her daughter?So many tricky uestions like but don’t worry when you get your answers you’re going to feel like the rug pulled out from under your feet As your back hit the floor don’t curse because choosing the book to read you deserve to be tricked by evil genius brain of this author Brava Gilly Macmillan Well written well played Salute

  2. Lala BooksandLala says:

    This was one of the least mysterious mysteries I've ever read Usually Gilly Macmillan really does it for me oh well maybe her next one

  3. Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    45 stars I LOVED this bookThis book had all the elements of a perfect read for me Exuisite slow burn creep under your skin writing Old countryside manor house Gothic tension filled atmosphere Mysterious characters Old family secrets discovered This was right up my alleyThis novel follows the prestigious Holt family The Holts hire Nanny Hannah to look after their only daughter Jo who develops a deep bond that outshines her relationship with her own mother Nanny Hannah shocks everyone when she flees one night without a trace Thirty years later Jo and her ten year old daughter Ruby have moved back to the Holt manor to live with her aging mother Not long after moving in they answer a knock at the door to find Nanny Hannah Hannah reignites her relationship with Jo and becomes a member of the Holt household once again This book had me glued to the pages from start to finish The pace was a slow burn done to perfection I love a good family mystery that slowly unravels revealing secrets and details as the chapters go by and that is exactly what this story was The flow was excellent Told through multiple narrators each voice offered another layer to the story adding intrigue and intensity My one tiny critiue was that some plot points near the end of the book edged on implausible territory however it didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment I truly loved this novelThis was my first book by this author Gilly Macmillan I was so impressed with her writing that I ordered two of her books before I even reached the halfway point in this novel The writing is smooth and stunning It locked me in and didn’t let me out until I read the last sentence Thank you to Edelweiss for the ARC and my lovely local library for the loan of the physical copy I highly recommend and look forward to reading from this very talented author

  4. Norma says:

    Slow burn upsetting deceptively appealingI fell in love with Gilly Macmillan and her books after reading WHAT SHE KNEW and since have subseuently read or have snatched myself up all of her other books so I have them on hand I have a habit of “collecting” author’s books after loving one I did have every intention of reading them but some of my ARC’s have gotten in the way of reading authors that I favour and enjoy So I was beyond ecstatic when I received a physical ARC of THE NANNY THE NANNY by GILLY MACMILLAN is a haunting dark eerie mysterious and suspenseful psychological thriller that is packed full of buried family secrets lies deceit obsession regrets distrust and dysfunctional familial dynamics Unfortunately this book didn’t immediately grab my attention because I didn’t immediately connect with the writing style and found the story to be painstakingly slow in the beginning So I put the novel aside for a day and then jumped right back into it then I was able to fully immerse myself in this tale and I ended up uite enjoying it GILLY MACMILLAN delivers a slow going atmospheric intriguing and unsettling tale here that subtly shifts in tone from perplexing to comprehension about 20% in for me Even though I did get a little bit annoyed and impatient in the beginning because of my disconnect here once I did comprehend and “get” what I was reading the remainder of the book went uite smoothly for meThe story is told in multiple alternating perspectives between a detective Jo our protagonist her mother Virginia and my absolute favourite an unknown narrator which adds intrigue and this evil sense of foreboding to the narrative I thoroughly enjoyed Jo’s daughter Ruby and found myself drawn to her character than to our main character here Jo’s character was really maddening and totally frustrated me I might have yelled at her and shook my head multiple times at her while I was reading this book Why couldn’t she just see what was happening? She definitely had blinders on Norma’s StatsCover An eye catching creepy sinister intriguing suspenseful and extremely fitting representation to storyline This cover definitely caught my attention and I love the creepiness and gothic vibe to it Title A straightforward and fitting representation to storyline WritingProse Well written vivid suspenseful engaging captivating and readable I didn’t immediately connect to the writing style like I have with other books by this author but once I did it was smooth sailing from therePlot Slow moving complex slightly convoluted sinister suspenseful unsettling wicked steadily paced enjoyable and entertaining Ending I was thoroughly satisfied Overall 35 Stars This isn’t a fast paced or edge of your seat thriller by no means it is one that delves deep into the characters lives and leaves you with these puzzling subtle clues along the way to piece together piece by piece Would recommendThank you so much to HarperCollins Canada for gifting me a physical ARCThis review can also be seen at Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog

  5. BernLuvsBooks says:

    If you enjoy a mystery involving family secrets where nothing is uite as it seems The Nanny is definitely for you Told in alternating points of view The Nanny tells the tale of Jocelyn Holt as she is forced to return to her childhood home after the death of her husband Jocelyn must face her estranged mother while trying to put her and her daughter's life back together If that wasn't hard enough a skull is uncovered on the estate's lake stirring up memories of Jo's beloved Nanny who disappeared without a word one night This is a slow burn type mystery where bits are revealed little by little The aristocratic characters were uite scandalous and I found the memories of their past deeds entertaining and often times abhorrent which I rather enjoy The Holt family has uite the saga going on in this story and Nanny Hannah well let's just say she was the opposite of Mary Poppins This novel was full of regrets misdeeds secrets misplaced trust manipulation and unhealthy relationships I enjoyed this mystery but I did have it figured out fairly early on and it felt a bit too long Had it been just a bit faster it would have been all the gripping 35 ⭐️ rounded up Thank you to Gilly Macmillan Harper Collins William Morrow and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review an arc of this book

  6. Sumit RK says:

    Nannies make great characters in fiction because they’re outsiders who’ve been invited into the heart of a family If the word Nanny reminds you of Mary Poppins Nanny McPhee or even Fran Drescher you remember then this book may force you to do a rethink Jo’s beloved nanny Hannah left without a trace in the summer of 1988 Haunted by the loss Jo eventually left her parents and her home behind Thirty years later Jo returns to her house and is forced to confront her troubled relationship with her mother But when human remains are accidentally uncovered in a lake on the estate Jo begins to uestion everything she thought she knew To add to the mystery Hannah is back after 30 long years Told in alternating points of view the story is told in multiple alternating perspectives between a detective Jo our protagonist her mother Virginia and an unknown narrator which adds intrigue Gilly Macmillan has woven all of these perspectives together and delivered an atmospheric and intriguing story full of lies deceit and buried family secrets I liked that all of the characters were so flawed so you are not sure whom to trust I loved the gothic vibes of the old family home reminding you of an Agatha Christie mystery If you love a domestic mystery then this one is just right for you The book is uite slow; especially in the opening chapters The constant changing of narratives between characters gets jarring after a point Some POVs like the detective's POV felt totally pointless and added little in value The climax though not entirely predictable felt totally flat But what felt lacking was a sense of tension and thrill because the story had a lot potential Overall The Nanny is a solid story with some great writing and some excellent characters It was an easy read and fans of domestic mysteries will like it 35 stars out of 5 Many thanks to the publishers HarperCollins the author Gilly Macmillan and Edelweiss for the ARC

  7. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Jo was seven years old when her nanny Hannah left years ago The loss disconnected her and as soon as she could she left her family and those memories at Lake Hall behindOver thirty years later Jo is back at Lake Hall where she has to face her mother At the same time human remains are found in a lake on the property and what could that mean?This is immediately followed by a visitor showing up and tearing Jo’s world apart all over again Her mission becomes finding out just who her nanny really was and why she would have leftSo many secrets So many lies Darkness Spite The truth inevitably hurtsI’ve read a few of Macmillan’s books and enjoyed them but this is definitely her best The pacing never lags and page after page had me compelled over this mysterious nanny The family is so dynamic and dysfunctional it’s like watching a train wreckOverall I needn’t worry about putting this one down because I never did It was compulsively readable and addictiveI received a complimentary copy All opinions are my ownMany of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

  8. Sue says:

    I’ve been reading this on and off from last night I read the bulk of this book until dawn I finished the rest over breakfast and lunchThe book was glued to my hands I really had a job putting it downI love a dysfunctional family and we certainly have one in the story I loved the “rich class higher archly “ in this too “We have servants” The Nanny is a class pounding thriller that I loved Plenty to get your teeth intoHighly recommend

  9. Joey R. says:

    25 stars — I decided to give Gilly Macmillan another chance after being less than thrilled with “What She Knew” when I read it a few years ago “The Nanny” like all of Ms Macmillan’s books has a good premise Jo a newly widowed mother and her daughter Ruby are forced to move back to England to live with her estranged widowed mother after being left financially destitute when her husband died The drama begins when early in her stay Jo and her daughter find a dead body in the lake outside of her mother’s home This coincides with Jo’s old nanny Hannah whom she idolized growing up coming back into her life twenty something years after she disappeared suddenly The author switches continuously from the present to the past to give the reader a clearer picture of how Hannah and Jo got to where they are now Despite the good setup the plot of “The Nanny” begins to deteriorate the further I read The main problem I had with the book is Jo who is so oblivious to everything going on around her that she reminds you of one of the teen camp counselors in a bad horror movie She believes neither her mother nor daughter time after time the nanny does something sinister Also the author writes Ruby as if she is 4 or 5 years old and Jo treats her the same way — so when late in the book you find out Ruby is 10 it really makes Ruby’s behavior and how she is treated ridiculous Finally the book crashes to an unlikely end with characters acting in irrational ways inconsistent with what we know about them Based on the problems I had with believability and the actions of the characters I would have to give this one a big thumbs down

  10. Diane S ☔ says:

    25 I made the decision at the end of last year to for go many of the psychological thrillers being written I connected to do few of them and they were all blending together in my head So this is one of the few I have read this year but found myself having the same problem Different characters telling the story made this book for me choppy reading Very seldom does this format work for me though there have been a few exceptions The sections narrated by Detective Andy were nonensial didn't add much to the storyThere were screw surprises but for the most part it was predictable At 400 pages much to long for a predictable read though to be fair it read uickly with the format used I've enjoyed a few of this authors reads in the past and will probably try her again Hopefully I will find the next engaging My final analysis is it was just okay but nothing out of the ordinaryARC from Librarything

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