Commercial Bank Valuation

Commercial Bank ValuationThe Value Of A Bank Is A Complex And Involved Topic Dertermining Value Requires An Understanding Of The Purposed Of The Valuation, The Underlying Business, The Assets Involved, The Outlook For The Market Served, Competitive Position, Financial History, And A Host Of Other Factors For Example, Establishing The Value Based Solely On A Bank S Book Value Is A Convenient Shorthand, But Not A Good Technique Of Establishing Actual Value Regardless Of The Potential Need For A Proper Valuation, Commercial Banks And Bank Holding Companies Have Several Characteristics That Distinguishe Them From Other Types Of Businesses And That Influence The Application Of Valuation Techniques It Is Critical To Bear These In Mind During The Valuation Process Provides A Thorough And Practical Discussion Of Valuation And Techniques That Apply To The Banking And Financial Services Industry By Necessity, However, The Scope Of The Discussion Goes Beyond Valuation It Is Necessary To Understand Various Transactional Processes E.g., The Merger Acquisition Process , Target Bank Analysis, Tax Ramification, And Specific Accounting Rules, In Addition To Valuation Methodology Consequently, This Title Is A Beneficial Primer For Those With Only A Cursory Knowledge Of Banking And Valuation As Well As A Useful Reference For Seasoned Professionals.

Born in 1917 A native of Jacksonville, Florida Taught at Memphis State and Marquette universities Had a masters degree from Duke University and a doctorate from the University of North Carolina Died in Lloyd, Florida.

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